Creating Sales Superstars with Special Guest Skip Miller!
July 21, 2021
Join us with our Special Guest Skip Miller as we talk about Creating Sales Superstars. We will be concentrating on Skip's new book Outbounding which is all about how to win new customers with your outbound sales! What are you doing to ensure your sales pipeline is full of qualified leads for 2021? Does your sales team have a reliable system in place for outbound sales to close the gap between your revenue goals and where you are now? How do you make the leap from a $40-$50 million/year business to a $100 million/year business? Being successful in sales today is not the same as it was three years ago. With times changing we have to step out of old success patterns and discover a different way to secure consistent business that moves the needle forward. It starts by being proactive, looking ahead (and not just at this quarter’s quota), and actively engaging your customer daily with best-in-class service.