A personal story of self-medication
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A personal story of self-medication
June 12, 2021
In this episode, I share a little bit more on my story to happiness and wellness.
All right. In the last episode, we talked about how I had an experience with the toxic customer, and the way that I handled it gave him a full refund. And basically, I am the Soup Nazi. No more soup for you and that's it. That's done. And I also mentioned that I was really happy with the way that I handled it and I processed it. And the reason that I'm happy is because I have actually been taking antidepressants for the past three years. So I've had a severe case of depression three years ago. And this is actually one of the reasons that I have Rari. And there's an interesting story behind Rari as well. So, I have to go into that maybe for episode number 200. So, if you're listening, hopefully, episode number 200 is it. 

But yeah, so I've been on antidepressants for the past three years and a situation like that would have disturbed my mood so much. I'm not sure exactly if I would have been able to handle it well, it definitely would have ruined my day. However, with this situation that I described in this past episode about the experience with my toxic client, my toxic customer. I'm actually really happy that I was able to get out of that feeling, out of that moment really quickly, and just having that skillset and being able to change my mood..... Being able to reprogram myself for happiness. I think this is one of the things that I've had to learn on my journey ever since, facing that severe, kind of depressive episode that I've had and being able to better myself and move towards happiness. 

So what I've been doing for the past couple of years is they've actually slowly been getting rid of all the toxic people in my life and in the episode about the perfect average day, I also mentioned how my outlook on relationships and dating has changed. I've noticed that I've been way more happier when I'm single, so I've decided to stay single. So now all these toxic people are out. I am happy a dude living a single life. And I recently made the decision actually made this decision today that I am going to start tapering off of my antidepressants. 

One of the reasons that I'm tapering off is because every now and then I actually get these massive chest pains where the chest pains will last for about 4 to 12 hours. And it's definitely directly in relation to taking the medicine because it only happens a few hours after I take the medication. And looking it up on the internet, i's saying that I'm supposed to get emergency medical attention and the way I am, I don't have time for that. I want to deal with that. So, given my experience working with the talk to clients and how I handled it, and how I was able to take myself out of that and move towards happiness and actually enjoy the rest of my day.... Kind of gives me the confidence that you know what? I think I'm ready. I think I am going to start tapering off my antidepressants. I'm taking Fluoxetine, by the way, if you're curious. So Fluoxetine is also better known as Prozac. It has a longer shelf life or half-life. Um, I think the half it lasted your body around 25 days. So I probably won't feel any effects of it Until 25 days from today. But my plan is to taper down very slowly, not abruptly. So right now I am going to decrease my dosage by half. I'm not really on a high dosage, to begin with, at least I don't think I'm gonna hide this dosage. I've been kind of dozing myself. 

To give you a better full story. I first started seeing a therapist in Houston and this was while I was still employed, so I did this for about three months and then I lost my employment, so I lost my access to health care, so I just started kind of doing it myself and I would get my own Prozac and I'm self-medicating, I knew went to up my dosage and I've been fine for like the past three years, I guess. But now I'm deciding that you know what, it's time to taper off. So I'm going through half my dosage and I probably do this for a couple of months until I feel like I can maybe just do every other day and then we'll slowly start weaning off. 

I am a little bit scared that I'm going to have an anxiety attack or a panic attack, or a depressive episode and I hope it doesn't come to that because life is so good right now and everything is moving so fast and in the right directions, so I don't want to disrupt that. But I think because everything is also moving in the right disruption or direction, I'm sorry. Because everything is moving in the right direction. I feel like it's time, it is time that I can stop taking this, and again, I'm planning on not taking it because of the chest pains. Otherwise, it's been an awesome kind of trip on Fluoxetine because I don't have any anxiety like I used to. 

I actually didn't get the negative side effect where a lot of people will gain weight, actually lost weight on Prozac. Um, one of the other benefits, which other people think is a con is my sex drive went down. So I already thought that I was pretty hyper-sexual, to begin with. And sex took a lot of my life. Like it took a lot of time out of my life and getting my sex drive lower, like I feel like I'm like a normal person now and I feel like I just have so much more time on my hands, so I don't want to go back to that. That just I don't know that need, that I had that primal desire, primal need. Like I feel like I am so much in more control. So I want to keep that control. But I think if I go down to half the dosage, I'll still have that control and hopefully, it'll lessen the chest pains and maybe this is the right thing to do. But you are actually the first to know. This is Robin Copernicus. Thank you for sharing or allowing me to share my life with you. Boom bam. I'm out. 

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