Spit It Out
E12: Research with a Clinical Perspective: Innovating Rapid and Affordable Diagnostic Testing with Community-Driven Solutions
December 12, 2023
Dive into the compelling journey of Dr. Shyam Saladi, the visionary CEO, and Co-founder of Neelyx Labs, on the latest episode of the "Spit It Out" Podcast. From a young student to a leader in a trailblazing clinical laboratory, Shyam's dedication to community-driven solutions and ultra-low-cost diagnostics has propelled Neelyx Labs from a COVID-19 response initiative to a major force in healthcare innovation. Discover their recent breakthroughs, including pioneering COVID-19 variant tests and the first saliva-based antigen test in the U.S. Shyam discusses the critical role of saliva and Neelyx Labs' involvement during COVID-19, the Mpox outbreak, and STI epidemic, underscoring their commitment to innovation, patient, and public health empowerment. Tune in to gain deeper insights into research with a clinical perspective and the future of accessible healthcare.