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#181: From Escaping The Gulf War & Spending His Childhood Summers In Mumbai Slums → Bootstrapping a $10M/yr Company By Leveraging Community… w/ Lloyed Lobo
April 2, 2024
Imagine being 8 years old and waking up to your mom telling you that you don’t have to go to school today. YAY! Now imagine that the reason you don’t have to go to school isn’t because it’s a snow day… … but because your country is at war. This is Lloyed Lobo’s story. Lloyed experienced the Gulf War as a young refugee in Kuwait, and grew up visiting the slums of Mumbai. Surprisingly, BOTH of those experiences are things that Lloyed has transformed into positive experiences. Lloyed’s experiences in the slums and in war taught him about the power of community. Eventually, Lloyd (out of instinct) found himself as an entrepreneur and eventually leveraged his community building skill sets to bootstrap a $10M company. Insane. If you’re someone who’s a sucker for a good “underdog story” and wants to learn how to build community, this is an episode for you! To learn more about Lloyed, visit