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#178: Content Creation Lessons From Tae Kwon Do & How To Heal Emotional Wounds Through Sharing Your Stories w/ Laura Di Franco
March 12, 2024
One day, Laura Di Franco received a FB Messenger request from a stranger: Hey Laura, I read your “Mind Body Green” blog and loved it. I was wondering if you had any other links for me to read…. I'm a mom of 5, and I've been struggling a little bit with some depression. Not only did Laura respond, but she ended up writing a blog post about self care and dedicated it anonymously to Shirley. After reading the outpouring of support in both the post and in the comments, Shirley ended up overcoming her depression and sharing her journey in her own writing. But here’s the crazy part: Eventually, Shirley confided to Laura that she was in the process of writing a suicide note to her husband and 5 children when she sent that FB message… … and it was because of what Laura did that she finally didn’t feel alone anymore. Friends… Your words, your content, your stories have the power to save lives. And THAT is what this episode is all about. Laura Di Franco is the CEO of Brave Healer Productions. She has personally authored 13 books, and her company has published over 74 Amazon bestselling books with a global community of over 1,000 authors. Not only will you learn how YOU can start sharing your stories to create an impact, but you’ll also learn a BUNCH of other nuggets along the way, including… - Why Laura has a feather tattoo with the initials “YFIB” engraved, and what that has to do with helping you to embrace your fear - How to make a “yes” or “no” decision when you are unsure of the answer - What Laura has learned about healing and content creation along her journey of becoming a 3rd degree black belt … and so much more. To learn more about Laura, visit