Encountering Silence
Helen Lees: Silence, Politics, and Education (Episode 38)
October 30, 2018
British writer and educator Dr. Helen E. Lees explores topics such as education, silence and art.
British writer and educator Dr. Helen E. Lees is an independent scholar, journalist and artist whose work explores topics such as alternative education, silence and sexuality. She is an associate research fellow at York St John University in England. Her books include Education Without Schools: Discovering Alternatives and Silence in Schools. Dr. Lees appears in the movie In Pursuit of Silence and a transcript of her interview appears in the book Notes on Silence. Dr. Helen Lees. Screenshot from the film "In Pursuit of Silence." Used by permission. I’m not the first person and I won’t be the last person that comes to the conclusion that silence is equated with God, there is no difference. But the wonderful thing, the best thing of all about silence in this regard is it’s secular. We don’t need to call it this name or that name or locate it in a particular tradition or a particular culture. It doesn’t make you have to join something. — Dr. Helen E. Lees Dr. Lees speaks of discovering silence as a child, and particularly as a young adult when first exploring the spiritual practice of meditation. In this interview she explores the intersection between silence, authenticity, grace, and creative expression. From learning to cherish silence as a young artist, to exploring the tension between the hunger for silence and the demands of a busy career, to musing on how silence comes to us in graced and graceful ways, to how silence continues to shape her work as a writer and an artist, Dr. Lees invites us into a profoundly meaningful exploration of how beautiful and necessary silence is for us all. I'm not interested in silence being affiliated with any particular religious path, because for me it's totally devoid of any need of characterization like that. — Dr. Helen E. Lees Silence returns us to what is real. — Dr. Helen E. Lees Some of the resources and authors mentioned in this episode: Helen E. Lees, Education Without Schools: Discovering Alternatives Helen E. Lees, Silence in Schools Patrick Shen (dir.), In Pursuit of Silence Cassidy Hall and Patrick Shen, Notes on Silence bell hooks, All About Love: New Visions Pythagoras, Pythagoras: His Life and Teachings Sarada Devi, The Gospel of the Holy Mother Ramakrishna, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna Episode 38: Silence, Politics and Education: A Conversation with Helen E. Lees Hosted by: Carl McColman With: Cassidy Hall, Kevin Johnson Guest: Dr. Helen E. Lees Date Recorded: October 1, 2018