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Finding Sweety Leads with Dancho Dimkov the Head Bee of BizzBee Solutions
November 2, 2021
In this episode, we have Dancho Dimkov who is Head Bee of BizzBee Solutions We get to talking about how Dancho helps High-Ticking Offerers the sweetest of Leads for their business! Dancho shares some tips on generating leads for your podcast and what’s coming up next for them, like his recently launched book! Make sure you check out their links down below and share with a friend if you enjoyed the episode. Always Remember to Invest In Yourself Phil Better

Dancho Dimkov is a serial entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of BizzBee Solutions. But most of all, he is a growth enthusiast. He is inspired by growth. By the growth of people, companies, relations, or businesses.
As a certified management consultant and a serial entrepreneur, he guides startups and businesses on the path to prosperity. But as the proud owner of BizzBee Solutions – a full-stack from concept to market growth solution provider, it is his duty. 
BizzBee is Dancho's passion, but there is so much more. He is also a family man – a proud father of a 3- year-old. Ultimately, it's all about growth, attaining balance, and being present in all life areas.
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