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The Business of Sales Transformation with Meghann Misiak
September 8, 2021
Do you ever wish your sales path was much shorter? Let’s say from 6 months of courtship you want to take it to only 3 months, or even better, a month! It’s totally doable and our guest today knows just how to do it.
I interviewed Meghann Misiak, who is all about the business of sales transformation. She is the founder of the consultancy group, The Path to Presidents Club, accountable for not only training teams and inspiring change but for driving real results. 

And if you think your team needs this then I suggest you give this episode a listen to learn:

And so much more! Imagine the lengths your team will go once you’ve decided to train them better.

You can connect with Meghann through LinkedIn ( or book a free virtual coffee through her website (