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I Support The Girls founder Dana Marlowe talks bras, Flash Kits, comfort & poverty
June 3, 2022
Ann Marie speaks to I Support the Girls founder Dana Marlowe about menopause, Flash Kits, being homeless and in poverty and devoting all your time to doing something you love.
Season Two is coming July 1.

But first: Hotflash Inc is co-hosting something massive: the Menopause Shift Summit, July 21-23. 

40+ speakers, tons of inside perimenopause and menopause information, not to mention inspiration, support and lots of extras. 

As part of that summit, we are also donating a portion of the proceeds to I Support The Girls, a global non-profit organization with the main focus on providing homeless and vulnerable people with bras, underwear, toiletries, beauty products and anything else that they need. Last year they launched Flash Kits, which contain an array of helpful items people  going through menopause. And to celebrate that partnership, Ann Marie speaks to founder Dana Marlowe. Dana is an American social entrepreneur, philanthropist, women rights activist and disability advocate. 

She talks all about:

• How she founded I Support the Girls (hint: it involves a bra)
• Finding a passion in almost-midlife that’s more compelling than books or movies
• The different packages they offer
• The poverty-perimenopause experience 
• What’s in the Flash Kit
• The experience of providing comfort and support to people who need it
• Challenges and logistics 
• Getting the word out about a great cause 

Where to find (and support) I Support The Girls

Web:  I Support The Girls
Instagram: @Isupportthegirls
TikTok: @Isupporththegirls 

Register for the Menopause Shift Summit here

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