Top Of Mind with Stewart Hillhouse
Your Content Is Boring - Here's How To Fix It with Devin Reed
December 2, 2020
What do the best businesses know about content marketing that others miss? In this episode, we learn that it really only comes down to three things. Devin Reed joins Stewart Hillhouse to go deep on what makes for good content and a good content strategy. On this episode of Top Of Mind, Devin and Stewart chat about: • Devin's Three-Part Content Formula • Why He Doesn't Mind Sending Apology Emails To His Customers • The Biggest Mistake He Sees Other Content Teams Making • And So Much More Devin Reed is Head of Content Strategy at Gong, and the host of Reveal: The Revenue Intelligence Podcast. LinkedIn: --- Join Top Of Mind Weekly. Your weekly digest of marketing trends and how to make them work for you. Sign up today: