What do investors look for part 2 (a Shark Tank perspective)
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What do investors look for part 2 (a Shark Tank perspective)
February 27, 2021
In this episode we talk about a new dimension of what investors look for (perspective from the casting director of Shark Tank).
The casting director from Shark Tank, recently shared a story with me that really opened my eyes on what investors look for. He shared his perspective on what he believes is going through the Sharks' heads whenever they're making their investment decisions. And it really hit home for me as far as what investors really really look for. 

So I've mentioned this in a previous episode, and if you haven't listened to that episode, go check it out because I talk about what investors look for and investors look to maximize their RSA. If you haven't checked out that episode, you definitely want to check that out. This episode, in particular, the one that I'm talking on now is going to add one more dimension to what investors look for. And this is what the casting director of Shark Tank told me. So first, the casting director of Shark Tank. 

He's a founder himself, and he's an investor himself. His name is Brandon Andrews, and what he told me was, whenever the sharks are making their decisions, they have to absolutely be convinced that your project is the only way for them to get that kind of return on their money because there's an opportunity cost for where they can put their money. If they put their money with you, they can't put their money with other investments. So they have to be totally convinced, absolutely convinced that their money is going to go along further with your project than any other project that's out there. Just holding on to their money gives them embedded optionality because now they have the option to use that money, and that option has value. 

So if your project can't convince one of the Shark's to actually part with their money because your project isn't the best way or isn't the only way that they could get that kind of multiple on their money, then they're not going to invest. So I thought it was interesting.

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