How do you choose a career when you’re multi-talented?
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How do you choose a career when you’re multi-talented?
March 1, 2021
In this episode we talk about the one thing you need to focus on when choosing your career.
I once met the female black Dougie Houser, and she was really sweet and really kind. She started medical school at a very young age around 18 years old, I believe, and she started her medical practice and had been practicing in medicine for a long time. But she also confessed that she is multi-talented, and she's tired of her medical practice, and she wants to switch to a different career. 

So I asked her, Okay, which career would you like to switch to? And she said, Robin, Well, I'm really passionate about video editing, and I believe that my future is in video editing. So I stopped her for a moment, and I and I told her, I think that when we think about our futures, we think about what we want to do. But we never think about whom we want to do it for. And Normies will especially try to tell you, stick to one thing and just be really good at one thing, and I'm sure for this lady people knew that she was brilliant at a very young age, and because she was brilliant, she should go do a job that a brilliant person does, which is become a doctor. 

And as a child, especially an 18-year-old child, you're just like, okay, and you just kind of go with it. You trust the adults around you and you don't question it. But now she's questioning her life and wondering if she actually made the right decision because whatever she's doing, she's not happy with what she's doing. And Norma's will tell you to focus on one thing. But instead of focusing on the process, they are sort of right. You should have some kind of focus, and I've already given away. 

The focus is you should focus on the home because when you focus on the home, then everything changes. What happens is now you have focus, but you can still do all the different things that you want to do all the areas where you're talented. You can mix and mash and put all that together to serve that one niche. So this is another reason why, especially if you're hypomanic. 

I think going the vertical method is one of the best ways for you to launch your business. If you don't know what the vertical method is, check out some of my other episodes. Google it. It's on my blog as well. I think it's It's something that's very necessary for the 6% type of entrepreneur to know I will see you guys in the next episode. 

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