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65. Meet MIKE NASH. Smashed the Canadian and WORLD Record for the ONE-HOUR Solo Race. Holding it for 5 Years.
May 3, 2021
In this episode, you will learn: Mike Nash is the ultimate example of someone who started cycling until later in life. He SMASHED and set both Canadian and World Records for the ONE-HOUR Solo Race on The Track. That's five years he held this title!
 Mike Nash

Nash, who only started competitive cycling at age 35 after stepping away from combative sports like hockey and soccer, had a most interesting introduction to the Day of the Hour competition. In October, 2011, in Manchester, he did not one, but two one-hour marathon sprints and they were separated by only four days.

Four days later in Manchester, the opportunity presented itself for another shot at the world record. More motivated than disappointed, Nash powered his way through the hour to then world and Canadian records of 45.95 kilometres, adding 300 metres to the old mark. He held that Canadian open record for five years.

“I was definitely happy to have the record,” he said. “I was sore, but relieved when it was done.”


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