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Info on Vaccine Contracts & How Travel Agencies Say 'Thank You!'
April 6, 2021
This week we are talking about vaccine assignments later in this episode so stay tuned for that. We're also bringing you an example of how travel companies like to show appreciation for their healthcare travelers so stay tuned for that!
MedPro, a nurse-led travel company and one of our exhibitors at TravCon this year, have created a fun way to recognize and appreciate their own healthcare travelers. Jessica Wolak, a Platinum Recruiter, talks about the MedPro Experience program with Sue LaCkore, a senior MedPro Experience Manager who was part of the team that created the program back in 2016.

MedPro has now expanded their Experience Program to allow for travelers to choose between gift cards of their choice, or continue receiving surprise gifts throughout their assignments.

Jessica also shares details on the vaccine assignments they are currently staffing in Florida, and expects them to expand to other states as needs arise. Find out more about vaccine assignments in the podcast.

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