Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter are both right?
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Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter are both right?
April 5, 2021
In this episode we discuss a controversial statement in a deeper sense from the viewpoints of each group.
Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter are both right, and that's a controversial statement. But before anyone starts flipping out, man, let me just start out by saying that Of course, black lives matter, and the all lives matter group have a huge misunderstanding of the black lives matter movement. But what I hope to do is go deeper into describing exactly what's going on and the viewpoints from each side. And hopefully, we can see that neither side is bad per se neither side is evil. But there's just other things going into play. And if everyone was able to understand what's going on, I think there will be a much better understanding, obviously, between everyone that's involved. 

So there are three parties in this scenario. There are the ones who are disenfranchised. The ones who are disenfranchised, they feel like something is not fair, and they start getting vocal about it and their vocal against another party, which will call the system. And the system could be a government. It could be a corporation. It could be a coffee shop owner that has his own system in his coffee shop. He's the boss of his coffee shop so you have the disenfranchised people, then you have the system and the system is perceived to do something unfair by the people who feel that they are disenfranchised. And then you have this other entity who I'm not sure exactly what to call them. 

I want to call them Boot Lickers, but I don't know of a better name, but what they do is they back up the system and their whole thing is there actually missing some kind of information. They don't know why the disenfranchised people would be upset, but what they see is the system has been fair to them. Therefore, the system must be fair to everyone else, and that's their perception. And what they're hoping to do is saying, If the system is fair to me, then these people are just complaining and those complaints are not fair. So in the pursuit of fairness, this other group, the Bootlicker Group, will back up the system and actually further perpetuate the disenfranchisement of these other people. And a lot of times it's because they don't even know what's going on because their life might be fair. 

Everything might be peachy and going perfect, and they don't see what's going on from this other side because they're unable to understand maybe some values or maybe some cultural type of differences. It could be a number of things, but that's essentially what's going on. You have the Black Lives Matter group, which is the disenfranchised group, and then you have the system, which is the system of policing in America and governance. And then you have this bootlicker group who supports the system because they feel that the system has been fair to them and therefore the system is fair to everyone else, and they're just blind to what's actually going on. 

But if you notice what's actually happening, is both the disenfranchised people and the boot lickers, they're both in the pursuit of fairness. The disenfranchised people feel like the system is not being fair, and the Boot Lickers feel like the system is fair and that other people should not complain. And I see this pattern unfolding over and over, not just with black lives matter and all lives matter. But it's with almost nearly everything, from the legalization of marijuana to any other issue to even things on Facebook groups, where people start getting tribal over different brands. 

So I'll give you one example, and I made a YouTube video about this. But there's a company called Copy Smith, and they had a lifetime deal out on APP Sumo and Copy Smith. There's two different types of users that use this AP first on the APP Sumo. You have a lot of different types of micro investors, and what these micro investors are doing is they will buy lifetime licenses of companies that they feel go will go up in value. So there's this group of micro investors that bought these lifetime licenses for Copy Smith. And then you have this other group of people that are actually using Copy Smith for what it was intended to be used for. So these are like your real users. And there was a move by Copy Smith where they devalued the value of the lifetime license, which really upset the micro investors. And I hope this all makes sense. But just understand that these group of micro investors they were really upset because what they valued with their relationship with Copy Smith that was devalued that was taken away, and these micro investors felt that this was not fair. They felt disenfranchised. 

But then you have these Copy Smith users who are like, Oh, copy Smith is perfect. I've been using it just fine. The company's support is awesome. They don't value what the micro investor values. So they just believe that Oh, copy Smith is fair to me and therefore must be fair to everyone else. And then they will start bootlicking for Copy Smith and Copy Smith, in this case is the system, and you see it not just here, but this dynamic plays out, over and over in so many different places. And really, it's these two entities, the Boot Lickers and the disenfranchised people. 

They're both in the pursuit of fairness. And if both just took the time, I think to understand each other's viewpoints, then it would help us get one step closer to reaching fairness. What the solution is in terms of getting people to talk and see each other's viewpoints and understand each other's values. That is probably for another episode because I can't think of a solution right now. Boom, bam! I'm out.

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