What makes a bad customer?
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What makes a bad customer?
July 4, 2021
In this episode, we talk about the one thing that makes a customer-vendor relationship better.
What makes a bad customer? So if you've been listening to a lot of my podcasts, I've mentioned not dealing with toxic people and just getting them out of your lives. So the Pinocchio versus the Soup Nazi episode, for example, that was a really good episode on how founders try to bend over backwards, trying to make their customers happy versus founders who pick a select group of customers that they know they can make happy. And this really comes down to what makes a bad customer? What makes a toxic customer? 

So here's the thing, a toxic customer for you may not be a toxic customer for other people. And I came to this realization because I started realizing that I'm an amazing customer for some people and I am a horrible customer for others. And it really just comes down to one thing, and that one thing is respect. So when I say respect... Does this person this customer, does this person respect you as an expert? Do they respect your expertise? Do they respect your knowledge? Do they believe that you know what you're doing? And if they do, then they will be an awesome customer. They will feel like it's in good hands and they don't have to meddle. They don't have to do any kind of demanding um thing, etcetera, right? 

But if they don't trust you, then they're going to feel a little anti. They're gonna feel anxious. They're going to feel like they need to stay on top of you to make sure that you are doing their job in a way that fits for them. So that's really it, it's that one thing is respect. And if they don't respect you, they are going to be a bad customer. So I thought about in my previous experiences, working with different people, I work with different mortgage officers or realtors or accountants and bookkeepers. And if I feel that they don't know what they're talking about or whatever they do, no, it doesn't fit with how I do business, then it's really difficult for me to do business with them. And I might do business anyway. For example, let's take a realtor. For example. I might do business with a realtor just because I don't really care about the realtor, but I want access to the information that this realtor has. This realtor has software that has way more information that you can see in public, and I want access to the information. And if I feel like I know more than the realtor does, and I am going to be so demanding for this realtor because any kind of advice this person has, I'm not going to be listening to them, right? 

So they can say, you know, I think you should do this, this and this. And in my head, I'm gonna be like, well, I think you should shut up because you don't know what you're talking about. And that makes me a bad customer, right? Makes me a horrible customer. If this realtor wanted to convert me into a good customer, then he or she would have to demonstrate on how they are the expert and actually be able to convince me. It's not something that I will just be able to take for granted. 

And this goes for me as well. When I am talking to other people and I am selling services or selling anything, then it's on me to be able to convince this other person that I'm an expert. And here's the thing. Some people just might not get it. Some people might not have the capacity to see that you're an expert, right? I mean, you have people all the time that will question things like whether the earth is round or whether it's flat and no matter what, any kind of convincing, it's not gonna work because they just don't have the, I guess the brain connections possible to actually make a good decision or make a good assessment. 

So if you do have a horrible customer, ask yourself, does this person respect me? And if not, where, where is the missing piece that will get them to respect me. And if they still don't respect you, then yes, they're not a good customer for you, they might be a good customer for someone else, but at least for you, they're not a good customer and just don't deal with them and the same thing. Um, I think using kind of, this knowledge, this newfound epiphany that I that I just had, I think when I'm dealing with other people, if I don't believe that they are an expert and I don't respect them, then you know what, I'm not gonna waste their time or my time and I'm just not going to deal with them, even if I need something from them, I think that my time is better spent on going somewhere else and talking to other people that will be able to cater to everything that I need. So it's a beautiful relationship, right? So instead of me feeling anxious, instead of me feeling like I have to put in the additional work to make sure that I'm getting the value out of it, I can just sit back, relax and know that experts taking care of all of this. For me, this is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam, I'm out. 

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