How living in large cities can put you into debt in ways you may not realize
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How living in large cities can put you into debt in ways you may not realize
August 7, 2021
In this episode, I share with you this part of my story where I feel like I've noticed why people in big cities behave the way they do.
I think one of the best things that's happened to me in terms of being a minimalist and putting all of my belongings into just a few duffel bag so I can just travel around the world is not having the need to show off anymore. When I say show off, what I find is people that are in these smaller villages, in smaller towns. They're not looking at the brand labels or looking to differentiate themselves from other people because there isn't really any people kind of just know each other and you just don't have the social pressure to always look better to always get that better card to keep up with the joneses right?In cities, however, it's a little bit different. 

Cities, they have a lot of people and because you have a lot of people, you also have people from several different classes and there's this very strong need for people to feel like they are in a higher class and when I'm in the higher classes, they, people just want to feel like they fit in and they belong, but they also want to differentiate themselves and saying, you know "hey, I am not this like lower quote unquote, lower class type of person. I'm in this like higher class" and the easiest way for them to show people that they are in this higher classes, to go out and get brand name labels have the Gucci across the chest or the Poor Show or something like this, because you just have these social pressures and getting out of that city mentality like, oh my God has been so amazing living in Tulum, which was a very small town like to learn because pretty much is where whatever. So I pretty much wore Ath leisure the entire time that I was there.

And that now I'm in Medellín and what I'm noticing in Medellín, it's a big city and people have to differentiate themselves. So you'll have like people that try to get all the adult and Gabbana's and the easies and things like that and they have to do it. I'm still in my athletes because I think I feel so comfortable just being who I am right now, like I'm good. However, I mean there was this strong need, especially even for me, like I, I would go out and buy these nice things because one, well you just like to have nice things, but there is this like huge pressure where this pressure actually kind of like starts creating some boiling hot situations. What I've noticed is with South asian people living in countries that are racist against South asian people. 

So take Kuwait for example, this is where my parents live and Kuwait has this entire like industry people coming from south asian countries and the Philippines, so people coming from Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Philippines, sri Lanka Indonesia and this is the blue collar workforce in Kuwait. So when you have a blue collar workforce, a lot of the people that I grew up there, they end up mistreating this workforce and there's a lot of racism and for my parents, why I shouldn't say my dad, my dad doesn't give a fuck but my mom, she doesn't want to be looked at as the maid, right? So because she has this very strong need to not be looked at this made, she's just always decked out in really nice jewelry, brand name things, the shipper glasses, the everything, everything like labels that I don't even know of, I haven't even heard of. 

Um but it's because of the societal pressure where you have to feel like you are trying to impress people when really those people don't care about you. So what I see, it's it's kind of sad, I see people getting these big houses, getting all these brand label things and trying to impress people that don't even care. And once you are able to get yourself out of this situation, it is so liberating because now you just end up buying stuff that you like, like yeah, I mean people still like buying things but there's not that pressure to feel like you fit in and if you're just gangster about where you are in life and things like this and you know you're going to target to go by your T shirts. That's totally cool. 

So in summary, I'm just sharing this part of my story where I feel like I've noticed why people behave the way they do in these larger cities, there's this huge societal pressure and I totally understand it. Even when I go back to Houston, I feel this pressure to right you see everyone else looking nice and you want to look nice as well. But if you're trying to save some money and you're trying to grow your wealth, then that's probably the wrong way to spend it because you're just spending it on trying to make other people happy instead of making yourself happy. This is Robin Copernicus, boom bam, I'm out. 

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