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#1.56: Stop Doing Random Acts of Marketing and Start Researching Your Customers
November 26, 2019
Discover the dangers of Random Acts of Marketing and how to combat it. In this podcast, you'll learn how to conduct your own market research which will remove the guesswork and improve your marketing effectiveness.

When Sarah McIntyre first mentioned to me "Random Acts of Marketing" I knew exactly what she meant. 

We all get distracted, but I tend to think that entrepreneurs are worst than most. Many times have I gone down one rabbit hole after another, forever chasing the latest marketing idea - all at the expense of my long-forgotten marketing plan.

I get little consolation in the fact that it's a common problem and one that many entrepreneurs experience.

Sometimes we need to remember that just because a particular marketing approach is working well for one person, it doesn't mean it's the best approach for us.

How do we figure out the best marketing approaches for our business?

We have to discover the journey people go through before finding us and becoming our customers. (AKA Buyer's Journey)

People don't just wake up one morning, decide to buy something and then go immediately to your website with their credit card in hand. There is a lot of activity before that. 

By knowing your customer journey you can plan your content marketing accordingly.

In today's podcast we explore:

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