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ORCHSE 2021 HOP Summit
July 14, 2020
Today on The Jay Allen Show, our host Jay Allen, Ph.D speaks with Lisa Brookes and Jim Frederick. During their conversation they discuss the rescheduled 2020 HOP Summit. Enjoy it all today on The Jay Allen Show!
This is what this show is brought to you by Safety Safety FM Does Life Well, hello and welcome to this Tuesday edition of the J. Allen Show. We're coming to you Live from the safety FM's studios in Orlando, Florida Today's Tuesday, July the 14th. Well, I hope everything's going fantastic in your neck of the woods. You are having a grand time, and things were starting to go back to normal. Whatever you want to deem that to be anyways, today, today, today, today I want to talk to you a little bit about something's going on inside of this multi verse of ours.  So today on the show, we have Lisa Brooks in Jim Frederick from O. R C H S E. During today's conversation will be having a brief discussion about Pop Summit 2021 scheduled for January the 12th through the 14th of 2021 in Houston, Texas. So, without much further ado, let's proceed forward with this conversation with Lisa Brooks in Jim Frederick. Well, hello and welcome to the show. So as I'll be both have been on it some point or another, so I normally don't do any kind of formal intros, but I figured we would sit here and talk about the 2021 hop summit being is.  The name had to change because of everything going on toe. You tell me a new world and what it looks like. Yeah, we've been doing a lot of work and actually was originally supposed to be, I think two weeks ago now two or three. And so, um, you know when that we came when it was kind of austere, like, Wow, this is when we were supposed to have the hops. Um oh, now we're separate January, but ah, but the pandemic continues to Teoh. Um, but a question mark on some things.  And we we will be sure as an organization to pay attention to all the signals and do the right thing by the attendees and Sears. So let me ask the question, because of course, you bring it up. The pandemic has changed a little bit as we're seeing things and we're noticing, of course, that Texas, Arizona and Florida are becoming will say, the epicenter of some of it currently. And of course, with the summit being plan to be in Texas, are you debating the potentially turning, turning it virtual?  Or is that something you're trying to avoid for the time being, you know, are we really hope that we can hold a face to face meeting? Um, but we are considering all options were open to options virtual combined, virtual even once again moving the date. But our commitment is to hold the 2021 hop summit, if at all possible, be in person or face to face, or at least part of it face to face. No, I chuckled when you said the 2021. If he is, I practice saying that 2020 hop summit so many times.  That's why I chuckled at that. So it will be interesting. And then I was playing around with the website before we got on our call, and I was noticing there's quite a few speakers, so I'm a little bit confused. Are all the speakers listed going to be at the event? Is that the plan, or am I looking at everyone who's been there all across the board for since day one? No, you're looking at the actual speakers so calm those speakers that are listed are speaking. There's Also on the site is those, uh, that are supporting it are the program committee.  But I would guess that the program committee I haven't counted, but probably 2/3 of them are also presenting that they're not presenting their facilitating some of the sessions, so, yes, pretty much everyone you see has a major role in the 2021 hops. Um, well, I mean, and this would be the opportunity. If you don't mind if you can share with some of the speakers that are actually out and about in our Are they going to be doing sessions in particular, they're mostly speeches or what exactly is the plan?  Good questions. So, um, I did some calculations before I joined you here today. And we have, ah, 40 educational sessions playing vary in length from one hour to two hours. Um, and some of them are, um, more lecture time. But in every case, we have significant time dedicated to Q and A. Some of them are workshops. Um, some of them are our group problem solving brainstorming sessions. So we have a little mix off every summer panels where it's short little introductions, and, um um, you know Q and A by the audience interaction.  So we have a little bit of everything plan. Now, will you have anything related to like a general session where you'll have a Q and A as well? Or what's the plan there? I haven't been to one, so I apologize about the naivety of regards of the question. I just want to make sure that I have a clear understanding and so does the audience. Absolutely. So we have three plenary sessions. Plans. Um, and some of the featured speakers for the plenary sessions include Todd Conklin, um, David Payne, who is an executive from Chevron.  We have one of the plenary sessions where both dated Woods from Ohio State University and Chris Hansen from NASA. We'll be presenting, and then the third day. The plenary session is really focused on psychological safety. So a different side. And there we have Martha Acosta and Lauren Moody Moody, both speaking. So each disciplinary sessions kind of have a little bit different focus. Um, with that 2nd 1 being mawr, the HR, old resilience engineering, um, focused the 1st 1 you know, with Todd who better to kick off any kind of event and get people fired up.  And really, um, um really opened people's eyes in minds to get ready for learning. And then we haven't executive, and we're hoping to also have someone representing labor to kind of kick off and say everyone's perspective is important. We're all in this together now, and it's it's amazing the amount of people number one that you're having the sessions himself, the planetary recessions that you're referencing, too. I love the diversity on how you're doing the different things, depending on the on the particular day. And I'll tell you why.  I love hearing about the psychological safety side as well, because that's something that's really we're putting a lot of emphasis as on as a bleeding. You're hearing a lot of conversations behind it. So why did you decide to go with with the two speakers that you referenced Martha cost and you say Laura Mooney I'm sorry, Lauryn Ward Mooney three and well, honestly, we have a fabulous program committee that we're working with its ah, 20 individuals that represent all different organizations. In addition, Teoh or ch SC um and we worked with them and, um, they came back with these recommendations.  We did a little research digging in, and they have different but complementary information to share on psychological safety. And we thought that this was an important topic. Like he said, to kind of round out the conversation. Um, we really you know, our goal is toe provide all different perspectives, all different, um, topics. Ah, with theme of from principles to practice. So that's really our theme. And that's what we really they hang our hat on is that we really have a diverse group of speakers that will share experiences and, um, on an expertise about converting from principles to practice.  It won't be lecture sessions just in this high level theory, but how do you take that and do something with it? So, Lisa, what exactly will year session be about being as you're going to be a presenter there? Well, I will be part of, ah, a group talking about hop and emphasize prevention or fatal and serious injury prevention. For sure. I'm also happening with the pre hops um, summit educational session on fundamentals. So if someone is coming to the summit and they are really, really earlier just starting their hot journey than they can get some fundamental information that's on the Tuesday morning for four hours before that.  The hot summer officially kicks off all the for that session, and I'll be having facilitating others. You're listening to the home of riel. Safety talk will be right back. Are you tired of not being able to reach people inside of your organization? What if there's a better approach? What if you could contact them in a click of a book? Here it Safety FM. We can assist you Reach your Team B. A podcast. How about setting up a private podcast or just you and your team members? We will cover topics that are important to you in your company.  Visit safety FM dot com that safety FM dot com and click on services For more information about your own private podcast. Safety FM, a safety focus moment venture and we are backed on the Jalen on. So when you say the free hop session, how far down the journey should a person normally be? If they're going to come to the hop 2021 Summit, How What would you say? Can they start off as I just heard about this the week before. Would that be something if they go to that Tuesday session?  Absolutely, Absolutely. So that's exactly what the Tuesday session is designed for is that people have heard of it. They know they want to learn more. They can come in and take that for our course, and then they'll get just the take full advantage of all the sessions are being offered. I will say, however, that even if someone can't make that Tuesday morning session and they are brand spanking new to human organization performance, they been still, um, design an agenda for themselves that they will get tons of information out of.  In fact, every session is being identified as either targeting those early in their hop journey. Really, those who are very mature in their opportunity or really open to everyone were targeting everyone because there are a lot of conversations that it doesn't know that it doesn't matter where you are in your hop journey, but you can learn and get down from it. So we really, um, taken each of the sessions for which audiences targets. So so you'll have different. So we'll say different past that someone can go down, then absolutely.  They can build their agenda and there will be passed that really are talking more for those very mature and those early and those in between. So you can make a design a program that's best, or you and where are your journey and where you organization is in Minster. Now I have to tell you, I've been on several calls with Jim, and I have never heard him this quiet before. Jim, are you still there? Enjoy, like you've been Lisa having this conversation. But I think, as you can see from from the variety of speakers and presenters and and the number of breakout sessions that she's described is, we're really hoping that this meeting is ableto happen in person because that's where the value will really come.  To. Folks, though, they'll have such an opportunity to interact with so many different participants as well as the leakers of those sessions. And, you know, while we may because of everything going on, be put into a shoe box and half to do some things virtually. We'll still do our best with that. But we're really hoping to have this whole event have been in person on, Have a whole lot of your listeners attempt now. And until take a look at what you have to offer with the amount of speakers that you and Lisa referencing that are coming across on this thing.  I am just really impressed, To be honest with when I first went when I was like, Oh, this is just the group of speakers that they've had all across I did not realize this is everything that you're having in one place, which is fantastic. Now you are speaking gym at one of the sessions. What? What is your your conversational speech? Yeah, so? So if, um, the session that I'm working on is gonna be with with another presenter, but we're going to be focusing on on some of the attributes of human and organisational performance that have been integrated into the relatively new ansi Z 10 Occupational safety and health management systems standard and how hop and management systems interact and have a lot of connectivity.  And, you know, both can benefit from ah being in the same environment in in workplaces and within an organization. Very nice. Now I have to ask Jim early. So whoever wants to take it. You people need to be afraid of the Texas winter is my It would be my next one. Um, I would say you should and race Texas Houston Winters. Well, I have to ask, of course. Coming from Florida, anything of below, Like 65 is cold to me. So I have to ask. Of course. Okay, I'm laughing because I made it.  65 is something that's not heard of here with windshield, Mind you. So So let me a question. Of course. So the people that had purchased tickets for the hop summit 2020. Will these automatically converter convert over to the hop 2021 summit if they're interested? Absolutely. We've communicated with everyone who had registered for the June 2020 date of a hot summit, and we have left and know that their tickets, so to speak Oh, are their registration has been transferred to the January 2021 day. And honestly, we only had one person say, Turn it.  That date doesn't work for us. So people have been really, um, very supportive of the change. In day, As with the speakers, we had to reconfirm every single one of those speakers. And we're talking on the order of 50 plus folks because several of the sessions have multiple presenters and without exception, they said, Yeah, I can make that work. So we've been overjoyed with the flexibility of both the attendees that have registered already registered as well as the speakers. So let me, of course, continue down the path.  So with people that are not familiar and I'm sure that there is few and far between with the O. R C h s e, what exactly does the organization and Dio? Well, we are a, um, health, safety and environment networking and services firm. So we run nine networks across the globe in which we get our the representatives of our member companies, which is between 110 120 member companies. We get their health and safety leaders together to share best practices or effective practices. I don't always like that term best practices, but share effective practices that are working in their organizations.  We bring in fault leaders from outside organizations from from other industries from, um from universities, from even consultants. We bring them into share and talk about what's the next best greatest thing that's happening in the field. So basically, our job is to help all 110 120 of our member companies on their continuous improvement journeys within their companies related to everything health, safety and environment. So we also bring in regulators because no matter what regulations do play a part in, ah, health safety environmental programs. So we have in open dialogue with regulators.  So we have conversations when we make sure members are up to speed on on what's coming down the pipe, so to speak. So, um, we're all about helping both our member companies and really the discipline as a whole continue to advance. So if there's an organization or company better saying that's out there that's interested in joining the group. What would they need to dio? Well, I first thing I would recommend us to visit the website, which is O. R c HSC dot com, and there's all kinds of information on that website.  There's discussion of each of the nine networks and the networks he target either a region like I personally lead our network is that is in you. Um, I also, uh, in one of the leaders off our network that is dedicated to the West Coast cause, you know, the West Coast does everything in their own way, our flagship off screw. But you can learn about the different networks. We also have networks dedicated to particular topics. Like, um, we have the corporate health directors network So dedicated Teoh really the medical sign of occupational health.  Um, and then we have one that targets more executive. So the E B. I F group is called executive businesses issues for him. So it's targets the vice president's and or directors of VHS in our member companies. Whereas I was there. Other networks, um, target the safety leaders and directors and vice presidents do attend, but generally vice presidents. Their discussions are a little bit more strategic, and so that CBF Network is really focuses around, what off their challenges Our day today, now the West Coast that I run.  We have a mix of people that are over health and safety leaders. Business happens safety leaders, region health and safety leaders, and then even some that have responsibilities for single sites that they might be larger single sites. So there are a little bit closer to where the work it's done to our conversations are a little bit different. So it's just, I have to say Personally, I worked for three different large manufacturing companies in How safety Before joining our ch Boogie. And it is so much fun getting to work with the top thought leaders in 110 different companies.  I am learning new things from new people every day. It really is just you're listening to the home of Riel. Safety talk will be right back. Hey, J just wanted to tell you I have a new book, and it seems kind of timely, although I didn't write it for a global pandemic. And by the way, this is my 1st 1 It seems to have lots of legs on this topic. The book's called When The Worst Accident Happens, and it's a field guide to understanding how to begin a restorative process of responding to a horrible event.  That book is available now on Amazon. I think you'd like it. Tell all your friends and we are back on the J. Allen show on Safety, and it's pretty interesting to see Overall, were these nine different networks go into I mean, you even go as far in its two going into legal issues, which is something that most organizations don't even talk about. So I love that the network actually even goes that deep in. You're absolutely right. We have one network that meets twice a year. That's dedicated toe, um, e hs legal issues.  So absolutely so it really is fine. I'm learning new things from both are members, but also my colleagues every day. No. And I would imagine just being able to be part of the different networks and being able to see the different things people are able. Teoh really go from smaller to larger companies to really understand what that what are the different pain points, which is always a good thing, especially if you're an up and coming company to understand what some of the larger companies are running into. Absolutely.  And the one thing that all of our member companies haven't cut in common is that they are all committed to getting better to doing the right thing by their employees and my environment. So we know we have a common purpose. So it just lays two fantastic discussions, So let the listeners know exactly wins the date. What's the price point and all that fun stuff for them to be on task on what they need to do next. You got it. Okay, so the 2021 hot summit is currently scheduled for It is currently scheduled for January.  Um, well, through the 14th down in Houston, Texas, it will be held at the, um Houston Memorial City Oh, Houston West in Houston Memorial City. Um, so it's just, um, on one side of Houston, Um, it will start. The official summit will start at one PM on that Tuesday, Tuesday, the 12. And of this, the sessions will finish at 12. 30 on Thursday the 14th. But as I mentioned earlier, if you're interested, if you're newer in your hot journey of and you'd like to attend a four hour fundamentals course introduction to human organisational performance, you can come in and take that class Tuesday morning from 8 to 12 and also at the same time, we're offering a for our class on learning teams.  So and that we live by Bob Edwards and Andrea Baker, who are probably the foremost masters at facilitating, um, learning team. So they'll be a four hour sessions on learning teams at the same time. So even if you've been 1/2 for a while, but or even have been implementing learning teams but wanna learn more and from the experts, I would recommend considering taking that session interest, I think I know them. I might be familiar with just a little right, the hob. But so in terms of price point, you asked about my slight.  So, um, if you, uh, register in the early registration period and you're staying at the host hotel, the price could be as low as $800 regular registration, then goes up to $900 or excuse me, 9 50 So what happens is is you get a $50 discount if you stay the hope at the host hotel. So it's a 59 50. Early registration, regular registration. You get $50 off if you stay at the host hotel. Um, so depending what way you register, it could be 800. If you register the day of you, just show up in register will still take you.  Then the registration is a house. And then, just out of curiosity for travelling purposes is a closer to Bush or closer to hobby it is closer to is the main airport. So we'll go with Bush because hobbies kind of like your guest was good is mine. I figured I would just ask. Thanks. Yeah, E it's the main one, So Excellent. Okay, So is there anything else that you would like to cover with them just to be on the safe side? Well, um, yes. So, first of all, I do want to thank our sponsors.  So we have, um, 14 sponsors to platinum three silver, nine bronze that are all supporting is they're all different organizations that are participating and sending folks to the summit. And I wanna do it. Call out to them. And then we also have nine promotional sponsors. Of course, which FN Safety is one of them who are helping us get the word about out about this event. So I do want to say a huge thank you to both of promotional sponsors as well as the other financial sponsors, and they're listed on the web page, so I would be remiss if I didn't mention those.  Um, and I guess I would like to just, um, highlight a couple things that might be unique to this summit of this event on human organization, performance and and new. And what, what's different about this one compared to, say, the one we held in 2018? So first of all again, Teoh, emphasize this is really focused on from principles to practice and the hop summit there. This will be the, um 31 I believe. Um oh, excuse me. This will be the fifth hot summit and all of them really been focused on application on implementation on deployment.  But But we're continuing that theme, and that's really, really important. What's new this time is that when the Hop Summit originally started, it was really focused on those folks who were already in their hot journey. And so people who were doing it learning from other people doing it. This is open to everyone, no matter where you are on your journey and or C h a Z. We took over the title sponsorship in 2018 and we felt that it was really, really important to have not only a place where people who were well on their journey to talk with other practitioners.  But for those who wanted to get in on human organisational performance and started improving their systems and organizations, we felt like it was important to open it up. And so in 2018 we had to back to back events one targeting those mature one targeting those early this time we said, Let's mix everyone because those mature can still learn from those early and certainly those early can learn from those mature and you can build your own track. Um, build your own agenda and we have built in ample time for, um, for networking.  So we have a networking reception. We have all the lunches we built in time where people can get to know others, and we hope that they continue their conversations far after the hot summit ends. So I would say, though that's a really important part of this, that we're getting all the people together and making sure offering this to anyone who wants to improve their their systems and operations by learning more about human organisational performance on one other unique thing. This time we added another track on, um, you, uh, high reliability organizations and resilience engineering.  We didn't have attracted indicated to that before. We have maybe one or two sessions that you could say Are you were really met? That criteria But we have a whole track dedicated to high reliability organizations and results engineering. We felt that was was very important as well, so that some of the new things about this one, um but it really is about getting people together who are doing this and learning from one another. It really is designed to be a learning event. And we love hearing from everyone planning to attend, who have attended in the past that have information on how to make it more successful in that goal.  In that object, so will when someone signs up and they decide to go down the path. Is there a track that's recommended to themselves? This is here the track options Do they have to go to a track work in the jump from session to session and kind of taken chooses they want as well they can. They can choose however they want because, honestly, some folks who are they've been doing it for several years. We'll see a topic that might be taken as as targeting early in your journey.  And then they say that that will add value to me. I really don't have that concept or that implementation strategy down salt. I want to learn more. And they can. They can go to that session so people can make up their agenda. Their program, however they see fit. And each session will be take not only as advanced, uh, or Satan targeting those who are mature in their journey early in their journey are targeting all that. Also be Is this ah, discussion about organizational learning? Is this a case study?  Is this a your imagina leadership type session? Is it a a session that, um really highlights the worker perspective? So all of decisions are tagged and they may have three takes because it may be a case study about organizational learning targeting those early in their hot dirty. So you just look at the different tags and you build your program, however you see fit. So and then, of course, I have to ask the question, Is there going to be anything related to Corona virus or covert 19 during any other sessions?  You know, that is a really good question and the Hop of Program Committee hop Summit program committee met two weeks ago, and we had that very conversation. Jim and I were talking to said, You know what? You know, when I had the June agenda, we had pretty solid, right. We were. We were just warming up things, writing descriptions. And then we had to move it to January and we hide and move the program as a whole from June to January. And then this last month, Jim and I were having conversations.  And you know what? Perhaps we need to look at the agenda and see if one we should dedicate some sessions toe how hot can help in the with the pandemic. And or maybe some of the conversations and sessions that already happened happening. Our schedule can have a component of that discussion that addresses ah, that pandemic and hop. So absolutely we are currently looking at, um, our program and seeing where that might be of benefit and where we can incorporate concepts because it's all about helping the practitioner.  So we think that will help the practitioner. Well, Jim and Lisa, I appreciate you both coming on. And, of course, if anything changes are any update that comes about. Please don't hesitate to contact us here to make sure that we can actually get it across to to our to our listeners, Of course. And we would love to have you on again, closer to when the sessions going to occur. If it be a January or into December, Um, if you have anything gets to push back, then we would love to have you on as well.  That's a look. I would love to come back and thank you so much for having us join you here today, while I appreciate the time, Thanks so much. Well, this brings another episode of the J. Allen show to an end. Hopefully, you enjoyed our time today with Lisa Brooks in Jim Frederick. If you want more information about the 2021 Hop Summit, feel free to look in the podcast information and click on the link to get more info. Also, just to let you know about some things that are going on here at Safety FM, be on the lookout for a couple of new shows heading our general direction.  We'll talk about that a little bit more as we get closer. Also, if you're interested on July 29th at 9 a.m. Eastern time, we will be having ah, hop one a one class. This is the fundamentals of human and organisational performance conducted by yours truly in a live virtual session. So if you want more information about that and go to safety FM dot i o You can sign right up right there for the class. And also we're doing something out of the ordinary where we are giving affiliate links out to our audience.  So if you're interested in an affiliate link and you want to participate and l B has promote the event, this will give you the opportunity to assist in promote. It would give you the opportunity to generate some additional cash. We're doing 5% of every ticket for every ticket that sold via your affiliate link. For more information, go to safety FM dot io Other part. You don't even have to go to the class. They'll promote anyway. Thank you for always being the best part of safety FM, and that is the listener for forget as well.  If you want to know what's going on behind the scenes here. It's Safety FM. Join our exclusive lists at safety FM dot com. We also have some contest that we're always running. This month, we're giving away tickets to our hop 101 class Anyways, thank you for always coming around and hanging out with us here on the J. Allen show. This will bring this episode to an end. We'll be back before too long. Goodbye for now, once more, The J. Allen Show. The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the host and its guest, and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the company.  Examples of analysis discussed within with podcast are only example. It's not be utilized in the real world at the only solution available as they're based only on very limited. Undated Open source information. 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