Jules De Jesus Fritz Interview
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
Jules De Jesus Fritz Interview
August 3, 2020
In this episode, Sheldon speaks with Jules De Jesus Fritz about her journey through entrepreneurship. Jules calls her life a surrender experiment where she chooses faith over fear to follow her intuition. After overcoming a terminal diagnosis and then becoming a celebrity makeup artist, Jules and her husband Josh, sold everything to rebuild a new life devoted to sharing blessings and teaching lessons. Their mission with Jules Loves Me is to encourage resilience and hope by sharing their real-life experiences. You can hear these stories and insights on the Jules Loves Me podcast and more Spiritual teachings can be found on the website: www.julesloves.me.
My name is Jules De Jesus Fritz, so if you're wondering, that's Puerto Rican and then German by marriage. So that's how that works out. You call me Jules for short.

I like to call it a surrender experiment. So I have been taking leaps of faith and stepping out on that and moving from all these different levels of my life from becoming a celebrity makeup artist all the way to now. I like to say that I am giving blessings and teaching lessons.

So that's that's now where I have transitioned to.

So happy to be here with you guys. Excellent. I'm so excited. For those of you that don't know Jules, her family and my family has been connected by our brothers. Our brothers have been best friends since they're 16. And I believe they're both of they were both at a city pool in New York. And there were the lifeguards at the city pool as teenagers and they just hit it off. And they've been friends ever since. And they're in their 50's now.

Sorry, Mark and Jose. I didn't mean to give your age.

Well, I did not know that. That's the story. Thank you for filling me. That was for me. I didn't know that that's how Mark came into our lives. That's so funny.

Yeah. They were literally they're stuck together at a city pool in New York and they just hit it off and they became friends ever since.

Oh, I love I've been hearing that story for like twenty four years, you know. You know, in this part like that, you're going to be my best dad for life and then sometimes work out.

You feel that stuff, don't you? Yeah. You kind of feel when someone's going to be in your life. And it's funny because some of you that are now listening, you can tell that there's another voice other than me. And Jules is my wife, Maria and say hi. Hi. She's been on the show three times already. And when we first met, it was like one of those connections where she was my upstairs and they were moving in.

And I guess I was attracted to her. And, you know, I was a young 20 something man, so I saw the attraction first. But then when we really started talking, I was like, I don't know how. But someway, somehow we are going to be connected. And I felt that very strongly. And she said as well, Sheldon, the same thing with four years of marriage.

And I think that it can also go beyond your marriage type of situations with like a soulmate or twin flame. I believe it's like when your souls recognize each other and there's something familiar and you can't quite put your finger on it, but you just know that you're meant to have this person in your world and in your life.

And so I'm sure the listeners right now are thinking of people that they have in their life. So I'm going to challenge your audience to text them and to say hello or pick up the phone and call and tell that person that you thought about them and that they stood out in your life. So that's my challenge.

I've been here two minutes and I'm already issuing a challenge, given homework, given over the blessings and teaching the lessons like the twin flames. Was that something you coined or something you came across?

No, actually, my brother Jose taught me about Twin Flame, so Josh and I were married on 11, 11, 11. And so a lot of I don't know if you've ever seen the time at 11, 11, and it's constantly. Right, right. It's one of those things.

And so it's like almost the universe is winking at you and letting you know that you're present in this moment.

And so all is well. And so, I mean, our son, Julian, our first son, was born at 11, 11 p.m. And so when I was telling Jose and he said, of course, because you guys are twin flame, what does that mean?

And it's just a deeper connection than your soul mate connection. And what it is, it's almost the Google it there's lots of information on it, but it's a twin flame is there to basically push you on your spiritual journey. And so they are there in partnership with you to bring out the best of your potential of who you're really meant to be.

And so and sometimes that mirroring, you know, and that push in the partnership can be really tricky.

But the thing is, is that when you know that you're in the right partnership and it is based in love and trust for each other, it's amazing what can happen.

So I know that I'm at a level I am because I have the twin flame connection and I'm grateful for him and all that. But I also believe that our children, our spiritual partners with us too, because they are definitely enough getting us to the next level who we are meant to be.

And so you're on the other spectrum for us. Our kids are twenty one and twenty three. So we've we've gone through the spectrum where you are, where your kids are so young that, you know, it's truly one of those things that as you're seeing their life develop, you're seeing even personalities develop. I kind of feel like like you're witnessing not only from birth to an independent person, but I know this life forces in the world and they're going to do special things, too.

And sometimes you see it as they're developing their lives like, wow, we did this week.

It's really interesting. I love Inside Know for the parents that are listening, there's a book called The Conscious Parent that is phenomenal. Doctors sinfully put it together and she's like one of Oprah's new thought leaders.

And and she talks about that that partnership.

And also, I'm sure that entrepreneurs in the audience, parents that are in the audience to check out the book, The Conscious Parent, that's it's very helpful with not only understanding more about yourself, but also your role as a parent and also that level of understanding, again, more of yourself, because then when you understand more of yourself, you realize, oh, I do this because or I like this because it's not that I oh, I'm so different.

It's that this is just the flavor of me that has been baked in over the years. And that's cool and that's great. And so with entrepreneurship, I know that that's a big part of confidence building that helped me, was also learning in my parenting to be confident in that and own that.

And then I saw it just kind of go across the board into business, into personal relationships, into my relationship with myself.

So I think the more that you know yourself, that I'm always a big encourager of self discovery because in there you find the truth and then you're like, oh, well, now it makes more sense.

It's true. When we did our session with you on Sunday and you have your group session where you get everyone together and you've been really I don't know, you said it was your second time doing it. But I remember just in the beginning when Josh was giving his intro and he mentioned about just the four parts of himself that he has to have health care with being physically and attuned to his body, his mind, his spirit, and then all siano and emotional, right?

Yeah, you got it. You've got yay. Great. It's just. Yes.

And I believe like and the reason why I chose Jewelz for this one for the audience is truly we have all those components when you are being your own boss and and if you're out of balance in any way, sometimes it's all about balance because of your headlong into a project or the entrepreneurship just takes over. But if you don't get back into balance, then it kind of messes you up for life, you know, for for that portion, I should say, for life.

But just for that portion of your life. Right. You're completely out of balance. So for me, I really want to get like a get like an understanding of that a little bit deeper, especially from your view of the entrepreneur. Noer, but staying in balance. What's your view on those things? Oh, that's such a great question. The idea of having those different parts balanced is key, because what happens as an entrepreneur is you're faced with so many things.

You're wearing all of the hats, you're feeling all of the stress. Right. So even if you're just starting out as an entrepreneur, there's not really a place that you land in your life. All right. I got to figure it out. I am good. I mean, it's always feels like it's an ever evolving process because you are an ever evolving.

And so when you don't pay attention to that fact, I feel like you'll drive yourself nuts just trying to kind of chase your tail. So I remember, for example, in the beginning, I kept wanting to hit this one goal or just one place of feeling that I could then stay there and just enjoy that, you know. But what was happening is that that wasn't the case. And so I kept frustrating myself and feeling so much stress because I would just keep kind of wanting to overachieve and reach and reach.

And the thing was, is that I really needed to also pay attention to as the person being the entrepreneur, I was growing and developing myself.

And so this was going to show up and how I did business. And so the more confidence that I had in learning myself, the more confidence I had in allowing myself to look at my business and allow it to evolve and change.

And so when you're looking at those different parts and what we talked about in our session was if my physical body is not doing well, if I'm in pain or I'm hurt or something like that, well, that's going to throw off.

All the other departments, and so a lot of times we will just push right on through and so, you know, how many times have we operated and making very important big decisions and maybe our battery is only at about 10 percent within our whole as a and that's not really a great place to do Decision-Making from. But if you're not aware of that and you're just doing what you feel like you need to do, then you can cause yourself to just go around in circles.

You can cause yourself to make. I hate to use the word mistakes, but I do think the decision is done differently.

Had you maybe had more sleep in you or had more just time to sit in the stillness and just feel the decision and allow your body to become a part of it.

So for me, it's all about being integrated. It's not about just making the right decisions on paper. It's about it's feeling right. And it's just hitting all those marks for me.

That's that's a good point and anything that adds another thought, but I want to make sure I know not my thought was knowing some of the the books and authors that you follow.

I'm going to make have a jump that you probably also follow the frame of of thinking that it's not always working harder, harder, harder to achieve what you're wanting.

You have to get to a point and then kind of ease back on the work a little bit to allow those things that you're putting out there, say, into the universe. Right. To let them actually start taking hold and and give them an opportunity to see manifest and create what you want without keep pushing through, I think. Sometimes you work so hard that we miss those opportunities and then it's passed by, now we're thinking of something else and when we're working ourselves to death, so to speak, and get a chance to just happen.

Right, and I think I want to say two parts to what you just brought up, so one thing is sometimes what I learned. And this is when I was in the midst of a very successful makeup artistry career, I was running big makeup agency, beauty agency, sending artists out like I'm running things right and I'm going.

And so in that mode of just grinding and hustling and being proud of it, you know, wearing it as a badge of honor, I was real.

I looked at this. I'll give you the visual.

It was as if there were a stove in front of me and I just kept finding pots to put on a stove so I could stir them so I could feel my worth and how busy I was. And so I know that as a culture, this is kind of where we will find ourselves because it's just it's all about what are you producing, what are you putting out there?

And the thing is, is that I felt that I had to because I wanted to stay relevant. I wanted to feel like I was continuously moving up this ladder that was actually invisible. It wasn't even there. And so I was just, again, chasing my tail. And so I decided I remember when I thought about it, like having those pots on the stove that I was just continuously stirring. I thought, I don't want to keep doing this because I'm tired.

I'm tired, I'm tired.

Sheldon, on all those levels that you mentioned, I'm tired physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, all of it. I'm so worn out. And this was about the time that I became a mom and I decided that, oh, I need to really check everything that I'm doing and double check it to make sure that my time is being spent where I want it to be spent versus where I feel obligated to spend it. And so as an entrepreneur, I believe that when you go into business, when you make that decision to go into business for yourself, you take that leap of faith because that's what it is.

You're taking a leap of faith. You're stepping away from the guaranteed money. You're stepping away from the guaranteed security that you believe, I should say, that the that you believe is guaranteed and secure. Right. So when you're taking that opportunity and trusting in yourself, you have to know that you did that because you are answering a call from within.

You got a feeling and you're like me. And I think I can do something I think I can do. It may be better than the way I'm doing or I have this new idea and I want to give it room to grow. Right. So you started it there. But then what happens? That's what happened with me.

I started the agency because I felt such a call to become a makeup artist. So I'll give you a background to get to that.

While you're still thinking about that, give us a Superwoman origin story so that everyone can follow along with you, OK? Because I was actually like, I need to back you up where I am so I can get my street cred with everybody. So right now, you go on with the go for doing the work.

And so so I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor is what happened. And so at the time, I was working for a big box retailer and I was the store manager. And so I'm on track and I was twenty five at the time, so I was on track to make lots and lots of money. Right. So I'm doing my job. I hate my job, but I don't care because I have potential to make lots and lots of money.

Where were you. The benefits. I have the have the benefits, I have the OK, all of that. And so what happens? I was working at Bed, Bath and Beyond and there, there, you know, I have no problem with the company. It wasn't for me, it just wasn't where I was supposed to be. But in that moment it was because it taught me a lot. And so I was doing a display in the store and during store hours how we did things.

And I was looking at the wall and trying to figure out where I was going to put things. Next to me was my ladder, which is about twenty feet tall, and there's a twenty pound box of pink hooks that I was working from as I was building this.

And just a side note, not only did I hate my job because it wasn't what I was meant to be doing, everyone around me knew that I wasn't supposed to be in that job too.

So it was mutual.

Like it was like this girl she knows. And I'm like, I'm doing my best. I'm just trying to get my good job. So I'm making myself and a customer ran into the ladder and knocked the box.

Of the latter, and it felt as if there were a bullseye right square my head. Bam! So here's the funny part. A few nights before, again, I'm telling you how it was mutual, like I didn't want to be there, they didn't really want me. The employees, the management loved me. They thought I was great. But the people there knew that my heart wasn't in. And you can feel that, right.

So I was crying and I was praying and I was like, I hate my God, please take me out of this.

If there's any thing that I'm missing, there's a signal, a clue and I'm missing it. Please don't let me miss it. Gotta hit me in the head with a box.

Oh, yeah. So make sure when you pray, be careful words because your words are powerful. OK, I know this from experience.

So maybe pray for a pillow.

So pillow ahead. You know, you've got to look at your life. OK, we're making a green velvet deal.

All right. So Box hits me. I rupture three disks in my spine. I'm out workers comp amount. I can't go back to work. I have no choice. So I was removed from the situation. Right.

So sometimes this will happen because you're Josh actually gave me this language. Sometimes you will be rerouted because you're going so far in the wrong direction.

So I was rerouted. I go to the doctor's office and they're talking about the scans and whatever, and they give me the news while I'm by myself in the office.

And they say, I don't know how to tell you this, but you actually have an inoperable tumor that we can see and we need to check into it more and work on it, because based on location, we just know we're not going to be able to biopsy it without hurting you. So we've got to figure this out. So then started the next two years of doctors appointments with neurosurgeons and neurologists and medications, and it was horrible. So in that process, you know that in that appointment, I thought, how long do I have to live like that immediately?

That's the first thing, you know. What do you mean? And he said, we don't know since we can't biopsy it. And all I can tell you is that it could be ten days. It could be ten years, not sure.

But what we do know is stress will accelerate your symptoms. So stressed out. And I was thinking, what a way to not stress out.

What do you mean? So I started to feel my body. What they told me is essentially like I had woken the sleeping giant.

So I'm out of my job. I'm away. I'm sitting with myself and I'm trying to figure out how to make the most of whatever life I have. And I was out with a girlfriend and she introduced me and I had a long career of being a makeup artist in my heart. I was always painting everybody. I was always doing something from age eight started instead of mowing the grass, I was like doing manicures for five bucks, you know what I'm saying?

Like, I've always been me. That's what I'm saying.

Like, you don't want your lemonade stand. Yeah, that was my lemonade stand. Yeah. Come over. Bring your Miss Clairol. I'll put it in. Give me five dollars. I'll make it real clean on the hairline. I got you.

So this is me. And so I'm, I'm you know, she knows this part of me and she introduced me and says, Oh, this is my friend Jules. She's a makeup artist.

And I remember looking at her like that's what I am. I'm a makeup artist.

Oh. So then I said, well, let me figure that out. So I started going into different classes and getting certification so I could try to be a makeup artist because if I was going to die all let me go out with guns blazing. Let me try to do this. This was back in twenty six. Like, makeup wasn't what makeup is now.

This is was this in Georgia.

It was in Florida. So I was in Florida and I was trying to in Florida was not the best market for me. Like I was trying to get anybody to. I was like somebody just give me twenty five dollars, see anybody.

And they're like, no, I'll I'll let you do my makeup for free. And I'm like, OK, fine. So I'm doing my best to just become professional and then take the hobby if you will take the free gift giving people and turned it into something like a career and just I wanted to pay my rent kind of thing, you know. Yeah. So I'm still going through my appointments and I'm still going through that whole process. And and at this point I'm still activating what I can do, which is not stress.

Right. Tell me. Don't stress. But then I started using positive thinking. And so at this time, back in twenty six, I was introduced to the secret. I don't know if you guys remember when that came out right in the movie The Secret. Right. They start showing you all these ideas of people who have terminal illnesses and they beat cancer and they beat that. Then I was like well they could do it. I can surely try to do it.

And so I started to become very aware of how I was speaking to myself internally.

I became very aware of what my intentions were with my actions and again, with this precious life that now I know to be short, what am I going to do with it? And so that's when I decided to keep moving forward and I decided to take an invitation to go to Savannah, Georgia. And boom, it was it. It was like as soon as I was ready to take the next step, the next step was then available. And then I kept going and then I kept going.

So that's one thing that I can say. It always happens like that for me when I can allow myself to just kind of take my hands off of it a little bit and just sit with it.

It becomes very clear of what the next move is because I can feel it. And a lot of times if you try to ignore it and you try to do what everyone else is telling you to do, that's when you get confused. That's when you get overwhelmed. That's when this doesn't become fun anymore. So that's why I said, all right.

All right, here we go. Here we go. I'll just just try to be a makeup artist.

Let's see what happens. Well, it's amazing how things work out.

They get to Savannah and I get there and it's easy for makeup becomes a thing. So I decide I want to create an experience. What breaks my heart about makeup, right, is people feeling like I'll tell you that I went to the mall to buy a lip gloss like no big deal and there was a prom happening. And so I don't know if you've ever seen that where there's like a whole bunch of high schoolers at the makeup counter and they're all getting their makeup done.

Well, there was also a bride and she had her veil and she's sitting there and no one's caring about her. Everybody's all it's just chaos.

And I'm sitting there looking at her and I'm thinking, why are you at the mall on your wedding day?

Like, Oh, my gosh, and not judging her, but just on the level of like, I wanted to hug her. I wanted to note on her, I wanted to love her.

And and so I that stuck with me. I didn't talk to her, but I left.

I didn't I just got out of there and I was like. Maybe she didn't have an option. Maybe this was the only way she could get her makeup done and feel good.

Maybe I thought I would love to be her friend.

I would love to have been with her and just lavish her with my love and just paint her and make her feel as beautiful as I see her to be.

Right. Oh, well, maybe that would be my my thing.

I'll create an experience. OK, so I started doing that. I got goosebumps just talking about that because it was so clear when I felt it the first time as it is right now.

And I, I remember that was the whole idea.

Just my intention. My intention. So I told you people wouldn't give me twenty five dollars when I was in Florida, right?


The same girl, the same makeup, the same heart was in Georgia and I started at one twenty five an hour or a face which is thirty minutes of work.

And I started booking and booking and booking and I was like whoa, ok, so there's something here and then you to grow.

So when you say grow you're being modest. Then go ahead. Tell us how this.

I continued with the secret and I had my vision board and I popped Holidae and I'm a vision board because you can't go to Savannah and I don't care about Pawlenty.

And so I wanted to work with her and I and I wanted to have have these things and have these experiences. And I felt that I deserved it and I was worthy of it. And so it was just a matter of time. That's how I felt. It just hasn't happened yet. That was my mentality and has always been my mentality. And so I kept doing what I was doing and stayed focused on that, stayed focused on the daily focus on what felt right now, because I knew I was very clear at that point that something was guiding me to make these decisions, like I could get involved, meaning my ego and how I think I should do it.

And I could probably get my own way or I could just keep feeling felt right like that inside that deep inner knowing. And so when I tuned into that, doors were opening, doors were just opening.

And before I knew it, I was moving out of the wedding world. And I had a team of artists that I trained to take over that world for me. And I started to explore the TV world, the film world, the fashion world.

And it was amazing because I was able to try on all these different things that I know was a part of this process.

For me, it was all information gathering.

It was all experience gathering.

It was all trust building for myself. You know, I got to try myself out very high stress situations and see that I could handle it because I trusted that I could. I went in there and and I said, all right, I'm here. I'm going to go for it. And I would go and back to the brain tumor side of it. So I'm full out working in the in the makeup world.

And I also had a back injury from a car accident that happened and soon after the finding the brain tumor. So I was like, good stuff going on.

So I so we were like, well, I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but basically I'll just keep showing up to these appointments and it'll lead me where I'm supposed to be. So it became very clear that I was going to need to have that surgery.

And because I'm a busy makeup artist now and I'm lugging this gear around and I'm standing for eight to ten hours a day, like, I know it started to really cause a lot of pain.

And so I well, he was my boyfriend at the time. Josh, like, have you ever thought about India or going to another country for back surgery?

Because I didn't have insurance. I'm an entrepreneur, right? I the girl who hit me in the car accident, her insurance was gone a long, long, long ago.

No, no.

There is no way for me to have this very expensive surgery. And so he was like, have you ever considered and I was like a third world country.

What are you talking about, you silly? And so I was like, no, no, no. When I was in school, there was this class and we talked about medical tourism. And it's a big thing.

You should check it out. And so thank goodness that we did.

And so we explored that option. Long story short, I went to India for back surgery. And when I was there, they also had a procedure called Gamma Knife.

That was available for me, so in operable situations, I was a candidate and so so when I went to the hospital in India, so first time that a third world country, first major surgery, just going to go again, like I said, guns blazing.

OK, so I get there and they're like, so you're going to have you want us to check your brain for potential surgery as well?

You're here? Yeah, I was like, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what I'm here. And they're like in you're having back surgery. I was like, yeah, yeah, that too. And they're like, why are you going to do your back if you know you're going to die?

And I was like, oh, I never thought of it like that, I just kind of thought all of my life was precious every moment and I would like the quality of it to be the most that it can be. So that's one. And so I went through the process for the game and I and so that includes fresh MRI scans.

And they called joshin and the tech said, look, look at this.

What do you see? He's like, I don't know, a brain. And he said, there's there's nothing there's no tomorrow.

There's it's gone. It's gone.

And so it was amazing.

So they came in and gave the news and I was so like, oh, what's so I knew that my positive thinking work had worked. I knew it.

I knew that I had I my power of intention, that I linked up with the source of life and and did everything I could to allow the healing to happen, to be open to that.

And so had the back surgery. And it was I was walking within three days.

It was amazing. Like the whole thing was great. And with that back surgery, I they wanted to do the procedure differently.

Well, they wanted to do it the way they did it, and it required cutting me down the stomach and stay with me entrepreneurs that are listening to this, because this is going to again tell you about how listening to your inner knowing is everything in every moment.

Yeah. So they say we're going to cut you down your stomach. And I was like, no, no, no, I'm having back surgery. Not something to do with my stomach. And they're like, yeah, but your lower back, it's the positioning we have to go through your stomach. So it's going to be a question mark around you, basically a question mark around your belly button down to your groin. It's like, no, what's not going to happen?

And they were like and I said, that's that's we got to figure out another way, because I want to come all the way to India. Had I known that John was going to and Josh is looking at me like, what is wrong with you?

You are we're going to have surgery tomorrow. We already paid for this. Like, what are you doing?

I was like, no, this doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel right. And everything in me was like law. And so I said, can we come up with another option?

So my doctor looked at me like I was crazy, like insane.

And then he was just like, OK, so he gets the vascular surgeon. So now there's another team and it's just me, OK, like me, I'm twenty six years old. I'm with a team of doctors looking at me like, Who are you? And I was like, really?

For twenty six. Twenty six. I don't really get that power knowing.

And yeah but I was like, you are not going to cut me, you know, like I got to make sure this is what I told them.

I said I get it. I see how you're looking at me as if I'm some vain American makeup artist that is just here telling you how to do your job. But all I can tell you that this is my body. And if I don't stand up for myself and know that I ask every single question, that I feel I will go back to the United States and feel terrible for the rest of my life, and I can't afford that.

So is there another way? Is there another way?

Can we brainstorm? Can you allow yourself to be open to this makeup artist?

What? And I said, well, my mom had that same incision you're talking about for me. And I now because of the C section that was required for me, I said, well, now we know that you can have a bikini cut with that same surgery. So is that an option?

And they were like, I don't know, I never thought about it. Everybody just normally does what we tell them to do.

So we're going to talk to the OBGYN department and see.

So now there's like a hospital meeting happening. Wow. And I'm like, I don't care.

I'll figure it out.

OK, so I'm in my room, like Googling horrible scars. Don't do that. Don't you know me? And I'm hearing myself. I'm not kidding. So the next morning they wake me up early for the surgery and the vascular surgeon draws the line very low.

Very, very well. And he says, is this cosmetically acceptable for you? You know what? It sure is. And I started crying. I was so happy. Come to find out this now is it?

They offer this this is now a procedure that they offer to Western women who don't wear saris all the time.

It's like this.

I made it a medical journal like the the the person who did my disc, my implant, wanted to come meet me like so. I say this story not because I'm awesome, it's an example of you have to always listen to your instincts no matter what, and that will show up in your business, that will show up in you being an entrepreneur, because that's what it's all about.

You're you step down as an entrepreneur to.

Prove that, you know, that there's something in you that wants to do something greater than what you are doing. And that's the truth of it.

So you can't ignore it when you start getting in it. Don't know. That's what LinkedIn says I should do with it. Yeah, whatever. What is your gut say? What is your inner knowing?

Say so you might stay on that for a second because some people and surely to me, when I first started thinking about what didn't feel right, when I went to certain businesses, sometimes I pushed things because of just the money. Like, for instance, I still say today one of my biggest failures, the you know, I don't have much I would call a failure at all. But I signed on to write a book from Elsevier, which was a very big publishing company, Science Direct, and everything comes from Elsevier.

And I was supposed to write a book and I put it while I was signing it, it's taken a picture to post on Instagram and all that stuff. I was really into it, but my gut said, you know, I don't know if you should be writing this type of technical book the way that they want it to. And they just rationalized it because it was going to make me think famous in my mind or it was going to be something that it would be a title or name thing author.

It never fulfilled it to this day. And it's, you know, seven years ago and I didn't listen to my gut then, but along the way, I've kind of gotten a little bit better at that. And then my gut goes wrong. I asked Maryanne's got partnerships as the long way around. That is, if you are now reaching out to do your own business for your own entrepreneur, how do you like even practice? Listening to your gut is there's some things I know everyone's probably different, but are there any universal things that will say this is a gut speaking and I'm literally not thinking your stomach, but you know, your intuition speaking?

Is there anything that you've learned along the way, maybe even for you, that might translate to the rest of us says if this is the feeling, it's intuition, don't let it go. Yes.

And I think that it is universal. Guys, I think it is. You know why?

Because if you are feeling the mixed signals, the mixed feelings of it. Right. So like something you you're presented with maybe a new client, maybe you're presented with an opportunity of that nature.

Right. But, you know, like something about it immediately doesn't sit well with you. And it's a clue. That's a clue. That's a very easy clue. But then if you like, the money would be really great.

All right. I don't know what I would really like to add that logo to my client list. I really just want to put that on my resume.

Right. I want to I want to have that. I want that title of doing that job.

But again, you know that there's something about it that's not jive and there's something about it that's making you question it because you're talking yourself into it.

That is a huge clue.

So if you're even having to do the back and forth, it's like, hmm, I'm not sure. Right. That's a clue to just wait a minute and just hit pause and sit with it because it might just require that.

You just take more time to be more intentional with the process of it, maybe it's that maybe it's because this is not the right thing for you and you know it.

Maybe it's because you're only doing it for the money.

And we all know that when you do things for money, for only the money, it will bite you in the butt. It will that that always happens somehow. Some way you end up feeling it.

So I, I live by the mantra and this is what I got all of my students. If it's not a hell. Yes.

Is probably a no.