Top Of Mind with Stewart Hillhouse
Case Study: Designing A Profitable Content Engine with James Carbary
August 5, 2020
Creating a meaningful professional network has never been more important. James Carbary would know - he's built a seven-figure business off speaking with his ideal customers and creating hundreds of relationships along the way. James Carbary joins Stewart Hillhouse to talk about Content-Based Networking and why it's the future of business development. On this episode, James and Stewart discuss: • Why Content-Based Networking Is Like A Cheat Code • How To Add Legitimate Value (Especially When You've Got A Small Audience) • The Biggest Mistakes He Sees Others Making • What Kind of Content James Would Make If He Lost his 21,000 Followers) • And So Much More James Carbary is the founder of Sweet Fish Media and the Co-Host of B2B Growth Show. LinkedIn: Sweet Fish Media: B2B Growth Show: