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OEP5 How to Maximise Your Monthly Course Promotions
September 9, 2020
Running promotions for your online courses should be a regular part of your monthly content schedule But how can you get the most out of it? In this Episode we explore my step by step month end promotional strategy for my Udemy courses.
00:16 How to get the most out of your monthly promotion
03:27 Drafting your promotional course message
05:56 Bringing in images to your promotional message
06:47 Cascading promotional messages - really important
08:41 Sending a test message before you publish
09:37 Structuring social promotions to your non Udemy audience 

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Detailed Show Notes

OEP5 How to Maximise Your Month End Promo

Running promotions for your online courses should be a regular part of your monthly content schedule
But how can you get the most out of it

New Courses and single course promotions can be good but this strategy shows you how to promote all your courses at once
In a simple way
Without being spammy

Decide on your Promotion code
This month I am going with “PYOAUG”
PYO = Pick Your Own 
You will see why shortly
At the end of the campaign you will be able to judge the success of your promotional campaign by looking into your Revenue Report

Create a Google Sheet
Course Name
Course Link
Course Link with Coupon
Expiry Date
Terms of Coupon

Open a browser and go to your instructors course page
For every course you wish to promote, in my case all 20 of my published and public courses - open a new tab
Keep this browser open for the whole exercise you will need all these tabs later

Go to your first course
Select promotions
Click on Create New Coupon

A window opens offering you four coupon choices - in the future this may change as Udemy is always making changes and improvements
Select “Current Best Price”, unlimited redemptions, expires in 5 days

A window opens offering you four coupon choices - in the future this may change as Udemy is always making changes and improvements
Select “Current Best Price”, unlimited redemptions, expires in 5 days

The box expands and you can edit your coupon
Change the list of meaningless numbers to your chosen coupon - in this case “PYOAUG”
Click Review Coupon

Check you are happy with everything
Then click on Create Coupon

Your coupon is now live
Click on the “Copy” button in the lower box to copy your course link including the new coupon

Take the link over to your Google Sheet and enter the link into the sheet
I also use this to copy a non coupon link and the title of the course
This sheet is going to be important later
Now complete the promo code creation and Google sheet update for all your courses

Now its time to draft your course message
Listing dozens of courses can be very confusing
So try to keep the promotional message simple and use images if you can
I am going to create a separate slide deck which I will later use for a short promotional video to my community outside of Udemy - These are the slides…

PYO Promotion
Coupon: “PYOAUG”
Is there a course of mine that is on your wish list but is never promoted?
Have you seen a course you want to enrol in but are waiting for a promo code?
Today is the day!
Welcome to my August “Pick Your Own” Course promotion
Three simple steps

Goto my Course Page
Choose one or more courses
Click on the course you want to buy

Click on the “Apply Coupon” button
Enter the coupon “PYOAUG” in the Enter Coupon box
Click Buy Now

Complete your purchase
Welcome to the Course
Coupons are unlimited but expires Midnight 1st September 2020
Don’t Miss Out
Enroll Today
Coupon: “PYOAUG”

Go back to your Course Dashboard and open the Communication Tab
Select Announcements
Promotional Emails
Make sure that you have your first course selected from the menu at the top
Click “Compose”

Now draft your message in the first course - but don’t send anything until we are quite finished…
Catchy title…
All My Courses - PYO - Best Offer Price - Ends 01 Sept
Tells them exactly what they need to know

Export the slides from the short promo slide deck - smaller images - and bring the two explaining the process into your announcement
A Picture is worth a thousand words
Embed links to your Public Profile Page in the text and on both images…
Add signature block at the end to make it more personal
Check all the links are right…

Now move to your next course
Repeat the promotional message creation process
Copy and paste the message from your first message
Copy the title
Don’t send….
Now create the draft message for every one of your courses but don’t send any of them yet!

This next bit is critical
In the exclude students who are enrolled in one of these courses, put in the course from the first message
Repeat this for all your draft messages
Repeat this for each message
This ensures that students will only receive one email from you regarding this promotion - multiple emails for students in multiple courses is very annoying and I have not yet found another way to handle this issue.

Let me explain this carefully
I call it my cascade email method
This message to my B2N Sales students is next out

So the next message to my Blockchain students has my B2B students excluded from the message recipients, as they have already received a message in the previous step

The next message to my Business Development students has all the others excluded PLUS the Blockchain students…

At the end of the cascade, you are sending the last message to the last course and excluding every other course you have sent a message to
This way every student only received ONE email message from you.
Its tedious to do but worth it as the students in multiple courses are your best students and you don’t want to upset them!

Once your messages are ready to go, send yourself a test email just to make sure everything is right
When you are happy with everything you can start sending out messages to your Udemy students
This completes Part 1 of the strategy - promoting to your Udemy audience…next step is to promote outside of Udemy itself!

Where are we going to promote
Facebook Groups and Pages
IGTV and Instagram

Combination of video and images
Lets start by recording the video from the slide deck we created to promote the course in our messages

Once that “Launch” video is done, and I am keeping it around 90 seconds so it can play on most platforms, I will make derivative videos from it for Day’s 2, and the final closing day

I have uploaded the three videos to my Facebook page and used FB to create the captions
I have scheduled Day 2 and Closing Day for my Page
Now I am going into which I use to create my videos for Social Media

I want to create Square videos for Twitter, Linkedin, my Facebook Groups

I will create Vertical videos for IGTV and Instagram, with close captions which is really important when posting to Social Media as the sound default is mute.

The Square videos I will take over to Promo Republic and I can publish and schedule to:
My 2 Facebook Groups
My 3 other Facebook Pages
Pinterest (if I want to?)
Youtube I schedule directly.

To publish and schedule on IGTV and Instagram I use the Facebook Creator Studio

I have also used the video and some slide deck images to send out an email to my list - short and sweet!
This can be repeated on the closing day as well for additional impact!

So that’s it. A step by step walk through a promotional campaign making the most of email and social.
What else would you do?  Let me know!  
Comment or email me!

OEP5 How to Maximise Your Month End Promo