Is CoffeeZilla a fraud?
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Is CoffeeZilla a fraud?
August 19, 2021
In this episode, we take a closer look at CoffeeZilla to personally analyse whether or not he is a scam and why.
So here's the problem with Coffee Zilla. Coffee Zilla has a very specific message that he is trying to make. And the thing is the way that he goes about doing it is he only looks at sources that confirm his bias and not only does he look at only sources that confirm his bias, but even when he's doing interviews, for example, I saw an interview with a professor from a business school that was talking about Veblen goods and Dublin entrepreneurs. And then there was another episode recently with a copywriter who is supposedly quote unquote leaving the industry. And then when you watch the episode it's like, no, that's not how it is at all. 

So Coffeezilla has this very specific message to make and for his message to be effective. He has to stick to this message and he's going out and he's confirming his bias where he's doing his audience at the service and where he's doing his self disservice is he's not really being fair right, he's not being fair to a lot of people. Yes, there are obviously a lot of unethical people out there doing unethical things, but then there are also a lot of ethical people out there that are actually providing a lot of value. And what Coffeezilla does is he paints an entire industry, so the education industry or the coaching industry or the guru industry and he paints this entire industry as a very negative and very bad thing. 

But for me, for example, when I think about my business coach, oh man, I there's no way that I definitely would have been able to get to where I am right now without his coaching and he was able to shortcut my path. And I think about when I was much younger and I was so when I was much younger I used to make a lot of music. I have music published in major motion pictures and tv and things like this and I was able to get pretty far by myself. But if I had some kind of coaching, especially if I had coaching from like from someone like me, from what I know right now, in terms of how to go about marketing yourself and doing this 'game over' like that would have short, it would have been able to shortcut my time so much that, you know, it would have had exponential effects. 

So let's take some of these guys, for example, Coffeezilla had this copywriter guests and this copywriter claimed that he was leaving the industry, right? So here's one thing, here's how you become a guest on Coffeezilla, you just have to repeat whatever Coffeezilla's mantra is, and he will bring you onto the show, and if you can help him prove his point, he will bring you onto the show. So this copywriter, um I think his name was like Miquel 14 or something like that, he figured this out, right? So he's like, yeah, like I'm gonna go one coffees of the show and I'm gonna say that, you know, this entire industry sucks. But then when you're actually listening to him talk, he'll say "yeah, there's a lot of Bs people out there, that's why I stopped taking clients and things like that", but he really didn't stop taking clients, he just kind of pivoted into CEO, so instead of doing copyrighting now he's doing CEO he's probably doing it for the same people, but then he also mentions he's like, no, there's like a lot of, you know, coaches and gurus out there that are teaching legit things and yeah, obviously, right?

But the thing is the way Coffeezilla frames it, he frames it as the entire industry is is fraudulent. And when he does that he's doing a disservice to his audience, he's doing a disservice to himself. And not only that, like, I mean, can you say that it's really being honest? So I will say that I believe that Coffeezilla genuinely cares, genuinely wants to do the right thing, and genuinely has good intentions, right? But he also has a show to run, and because he has a show to run, he has to stay on message, he has to stick to his point if he were actually fair to other people and he brought on, he brought on opposing guests that kind of like oppose his viewpoint. And then, you know, he was able to agree with this, then he wouldn't really have a very good show because he's basically just arguing against himself and he's not he's not creating an effective message, right? So I get it, I get white Coffeezilla is doing that. 

Um but here's the thing now, like if you think about it, Coffeezilla is now all of a sudden this guru that he is warning everyone else about because he's using some of these same strategies and techniques. And here's the thing ,when you're using strategies and techniques that might seem unethical on the face of it, you really shouldd dig deep and wonder like what's going on. So I'll give you a few examples, I'll give you one example. 

In the marketing industry, there's this concept of scarcity. Scarcity is a principal persuasion. Um If you read Robert Cialdini's book, it's one of his persuade principles of persuasion. Robert Cialdini is a notable professor. So these principles are grounded in science and you know, these notions are like pretty legit and if you're not using them for your business and for your marketing, your you're not getting the maximum that you can get out of it right? But here's here's where people make the mistake, here's the false belief. The false belief is that if I use techniques like this, that it's unethical and that's where people are wrong. The thing is they're not mutually exclusive, right? You can use these techniques, it's a tool, you can use these techniques for good or for bad, you can use it ethically or unethically, but they're not mutually exclusive. 

So if you're going to use it, if you have conviction for your service or your product or whatever you're offering, and if you truly believe that it's going to help people, then why wouldn't you want to try to maximize your chance in getting it into people's hands? And you can ethically do this and you can ethically persuade people to do this, so you can use these techniques ethically, there's nothing wrong with that. So if you're using a countdown timer, for example, as long as you stick to your word, and as soon as that countdown is over and you no longer offer that deal or you honor the terms of any early adopters based on any kind of like scarcity deal that you might have, as long as you're doing that, there is nothing wrong with it, right? You are actually able to help other people make their decision much faster and in a much better way because you're kind of making it a little fun for them. 

So when we're looking at Coffeezilla. Coffeezilla was painting this entire industry as fraudulent, when people are complicated, right? Um, here's another example. Coffeezilla rips on Tai Lopez. Tai Lopez in the industry is also known as Tlight Lopez. But the thing about Tai Lopez as much as people hate him and I'm not saying that he's a likable guy, he's like a bro, marketer, right? He's made a lot of mistakes as he's come up. But the thing is as he's come up, he's learned quite a bit and he has a lot of wisdom and to not recognize that he has, his wisdom would be foolish because there is a lot you can learn from him. The man bought RadioShack just doing that deal. You know, even if Ty Lopez wasn't successful, there's so many people that are out there that are unsuccessful that you can learn so much more from than you would from a successful person.

For me, I always believed that you can take a look at unicorn founders to figure out how you're going to do your business because circumstances could have been lucky, that could have been in the right time and place. A lot of the things that early founders in the tech space, um, for example, they had it much easier than people have it now to try to get your product and service into the hands of other people, it's much more difficult, right? It wasn't just like Netscape and a few companies that just dominated everything now to get people's attention, it's so much more difficult. And if you're looking at the unicorns for their example and how you should grow your business, guess what? You're gonna fail because it's a totally different world and you're using antiquated techniques.

So again ran over, it's not really a rent, I do think Coffeezilla is, it was a good person and I think he generally has good intentions, but come on man, he's not giving people a fair shot, he's confirming his bias and he's actually kind of becoming the thing that he's warning people about. So take it for what it is. That's my opinion. This is Robin Copernicus, boom bam, I'm out. 

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