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#96: How YOU Can Steal the "Secret Recipe" Behind the BEST Marketing Campaigns of all Time… w/ Csaba Borzási
August 23, 2022
Here’s an interesting thought experiment: Let’s say you walk outside of your home. On the porch is a package addressed to you. Inside, you discover that this package contains 100 of the world’s most successful sales letters. Combined, these sales letters have generated millions, if not billions, of dollars. What do you think you’d learn if you not only read each of them… …but you searched for the patterns that made them successful? Well my friend… Today’s guest, Csaba Borzási, did exactly that. So if you want to: 1. Learn how to get the “secret recipe” behind 100 of the most profitable ads of all time… 2. Discover how you can apply it to your own marketing for a BLOCKBUSTER response... … you won’t want to miss out on today’s episode!