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Revelry is about menopause, not getting high
August 19, 2022
"The minute you get that good night sleep, everything changes." That's from Lilach Mazor Power. Find out how cannabis leader and co-founder of Phoenix-based menopause-focused Revelry Cannabis is helping women sleep better and longer than they ever could – as well as alleviating a bunch of other symptoms, too.

Revisiting some favorite episodes from Season 1 as we prep for Season 2 - coming in September - and this conversation was definitely tops for me.  

This episode and all of season 1 is sponsored by Become clothing.

Summary: Lilach Mazor Power and Stef Swiergol are co-founders of a new cannabis wellness collection for perimenopause and menopause symptoms called Revelry based in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Lilach is an industry leader: she is the only female owned licensee in the state of Arizona, she’s been in this business for a long time. Both she and Stef have great insight and intel into where this business is right now, where it’s going, how you can tip your toe into the cannabis waters if you are curious, which studies show between one and four and one and three of us are doing, and what the best way to go about it is.


• A rundown on Revelry’s cannabis in a capsule (4.49)
• Why microdosing (low and slow) is the way to start (6.15)
• How cannabis can help you sleep – and change everything (8.00)
• Why so many of us are scared to try (12.00)
• How women are using cannabis for their menopause symptoms (19.45)
• Why cannabis years are like dog years (21.06)
• How people are using their cannabis (22.45)
• How cannabis actually works with your bodies own cannabinoid receptors (24.00)
• Addressing concerns about cannabis and the brain (27.05)
• The sustainability issue (35.00)
• The future of plant medicine (41.00)
• The importance of women in this field (45.00)

Where to find Revelry: 
Web: Revelry Cannabis
Instagram: @revelrycann 
Twitter: @revelrycann 


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