President and Founder Of Ken Cheo aka The Top Sales Boss - S7E02 (#226)
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President and Founder Of Ken Cheo aka The Top Sales Boss - S7E02 (#226)
January 16, 2024
Welcome to the Boss Uncaged Podcast, where our host, S. A. Grant, delves into the inspiring journey of sales expert Ken Cheo. In this episode, Ken takes us through his impressive career, from his groundbreaking work at NASA to his current success as the founder of Our Sales Coach. Join us as Ken shares valuable insights on effective sales strategies, the importance of understanding customer perception, and the crucial role of attentive listening in the sales process. Get ready to be captivated by Ken's engaging story and wealth of knowledge as we explore the world of sales and entrepreneurship. Let's dive into this compelling conversation and uncover the keys to success in sales with Ken Cheo on the Boss Uncaged Podcast!
Podcast Summary:
In this episode of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, host S. A. Grant sits down with Ken Cheo, a seasoned sales expert with over 30 years of experience. Ken shares valuable insights on the importance of understanding buyer perception, the power of impactful sales strategies, and the art of attentive listening in the sales process. The conversation delves into Ken's journey as a single parent and business owner, his approach to sales leadership, book recommendations, and his emphasis on understanding the target market for sales success.

Show Notes:
- Ken Cheo's background working for NASA and developing a modulator for interpreting laser data related to the ozone hole.
- The significance of understanding where one adds value and aligning with the customer's perception in sales.
- Ken's application of drip training methods and targeting specific industries for client success.
- Managing being a single parent while running companies and the importance of flexibility and support.
- Ken's perspective on succession planning and learning experiences with delegation.
- Book recommendations, including "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion" by Robert Cialdini.
- Ken's approach to direct sales, developing new products, and understanding the target market.
- Leveraging sales tools and software for efficiency and measurement in sales success.
- The importance of sales leaders, going above and beyond for customers, and influencing their best interest.
- Advice for new sales leaders, strategy planning for sales success, and understanding rejection in sales.
- Kent's transition from mechanical engineering to sales and his early career in energy service contracting.

Ken Cheo, is the President and Owner of Our Sales Coach.  Ken works with business owners, sales managers, and select salespeople with guaranteed results for top-line sales growth.  

He helps his clients gain a strong market position and develop a scalable and repeatable sales process that eliminates wasted time on prospecting that doesn’t work or prospects that never seem to close.  He trains and coaches teams so the changed behaviors become habit and sustainable.  

Prior to creating the Our Sales Coach brand, Ken enjoyed over 20 years of sales and sales management experience.  Ken has participated in speaking engagements and seminars on a variety of sales and marketing related subjects.

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Listeners can reach out to Ken via his LinkedIn URL, email, or website for sales advice and networking opportunities. The episode concludes with both Ken and S. A. Grant expressing gratitude for the insightful discussion and their eagerness to stay connected.


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Boss Uncaged Podcast (Live) President and Founder Of Ken Cheo aka The Top Sales Boss

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