The Dental Economist Show
Achieving Operational Excellence with Randa Seif, COO of CaliDental
January 11, 2024
In this episode of The Dental Economist Show, host Mike Huffaker is joined by Randa Seif, Chief Operating Officer at CaliDental and an experienced leader in the financial field. Join them as they discuss how to successfully leverage automation and centralization in aid of patient care, explore the current staffing challenges the dentistry industry faces, and examine the benefits of adopting a community-centric business strategy that can lead to greater growth.
In this episode of the Dental Economist Show, Mike Huffaker is joined by Randa Seif, Chief Operating Officer at CaliDental. 

Join them as they:

Randa Seif is the Chief Operating Officer at CaliDental. With over twelve years of experience working in dentistry and as an experienced leader in the financial field, Randa has a track record of creating and leading the most efficient business operations. Previously, Randa has worked at other big technological companies including Hypertic Group and Familia Dentistry. 

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Episode Highlights:

[05:00-07:30] Leveraging Automation and Centralization in Aid of Patient Care

[09:55-10:47]: Navigating Staffing Challenges in Dentistry 

[20:26 - 23:01] Community-Centric Growth Strategy for CaliDental 

[25:00-26:11] CaliDental's Vision for 2024: Innovations and Automation 

[30:46-32:44] Staying Ahead of the Curve in Dentistry 

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