Safety FM with Jay Allen
Emily Elrod at Safety Day 2021
June 15, 2021
Today on The Jay Allen Show. Jay is broadcasting live from Safety Day 2021 - Presented by the ACFS. During this episode, Jay speaks with Emily Elrod from Apologetically Bold...I am not sorry for. Take a listen to what Emily has to say during this live recording at Safety Day 2021
Today on The Jay Allen Show. Jay is broadcasting live from Safety Day 2021 - Presented by the ACFS. During this episode, Jay speaks with Emily Elrod from Apologetically Bold...I am not sorry for.

Take a listen to what Emily has to say during this live recording at Safety Day 2021

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[00:00:02] spk_1: this show is brought to you by safety FM. Well, hello and welcome to this episode of the J ALLen show. Hopefully everything is good and grand inside of your neck of the woods. Well, as you've noticed over the last couple of weeks, we've been doing some replays of the event that occurred at a CFS safety Day 2021. And what we've been doing over the last little bit is really kind of taking some deep dives in some of the interviews that I was able to do in person at safety day 2021. Now, this one right here that we're going to do today is a conversation that I got to have with Emily L. Well, if you're familiar with Emily Good for you, if you're not, she hosts a show called Unapologetically Bold. I'm not sorry for it's a great show and she takes some deep dives into some things that you would never expect, especially on this station on safety FM. But she goes into these dives where she talks about these great things that it's so hard to explain because each episode is so different. You can go from one guess In the safety field to a guest in the sports field and it's just such great content that she does share. Now I'll tell you what happened with this particular interview was quite interesting. She had just done her presentation at safety day 2021 and I asked her to come onto the air live and in living color right after she had done her presentation. Now, I'm gonna tell you, as we get into this one today, it's already kind of started. So you'll be missing a probably about a good minute or show before. It actually does pick up the conversation. But I want you to take a listen to what Emily is talking about here because she goes into these detailed things. And if you just take a listen to how she approaches them, it's so different and you can tell that her heart and her passion is in her work, I guess. Let me not spoil too much what we have going on here today. So I guess before we get into this, I want to kind of give you the information that particular day. I started to lose my voice towards the afternoon. So you're really gonna hear some things kind of go down downwards when it comes to that. I want to give you a fair warning. I think it's fair to do so, but I'll come back and talk a little bit at the end of this thing just to hear what you thought about the interview with Emily L Rod. Take a listen now of the Jahalin joe safety FM. Changing safety cultures. What one broadcast and one podcast at a

[00:02:56] spk_0: Time. That's the thing is that I know 20 minutes is about all you get with humans. And so we got to find a way to engage them because I don't like to talk about people like to talk with them. And the thing is, is people care about their problems, not about the problems that I'm telling them that they should care about. So I have to speak to the people in the crowd and that's, that helps me do that as a speaker.

[00:03:17] spk_1: So how long have you been testing this? Because I think it's, I think it's excellent. I, I actually ran out and I was like, hold on, I was telling my wife about, I was like, hey, you have to listen to this. I mean take a look at how this is actually working because it was going with the slide itself and I've never seen that. Have you been using this for a

[00:03:31] spk_0: while? I've been using it probably for, it's called minty meter minty dot com. But I've been,

[00:03:36] spk_1: you, there's your plug

[00:03:37] spk_0: plug, plug, but I've been using it for about a year and a half, just really, really hard core using it in like, you know, breakout rooms and all this stuff. You gotta get creative in zoom and stuff and I've been blessed to do work that is worldwide and so I could be everywhere. So virtual has always been with me and it's not like I just did it because of covid. Um, so like I got to keep people engaged and they actually want to like me and have a conversation and learn. So that just worked it

[00:04:03] spk_1: worked out well. So I would, I would imagine this is the first time you've done a presentation where you had a boxing ring behind you, correct?

[00:04:10] spk_0: That is a fact, that is the first, it wasn't

[00:04:14] spk_1: awesome. I thought it was pretty awesome. I was I was thinking we're going to do the run through and actually go into the ring. I was waiting to

[00:04:20] spk_0: see, you know how to talk about confidence and in the whole speech and are part of it. I'm like, uh I don't have the skills have not been experienced enough, so I tried a little bit yesterday and I'm like, yeah,

[00:04:31] spk_1: my whole fear was that if I jump into the ring, I'd probably trip over the ropes. Yes,

[00:04:35] spk_0: yes, yes, yes. And this is, this is funny. So, like, I really rehearsed everything in my mind and you know that I have cows and so I'm thinking, I'm like, this is like the part war, like, okay, I just gotta make sure I fit through correctly. Like you don't hit anything, tear the clothes. That that was my my dad. It didn't work the same, okay.

[00:04:53] spk_1: You start off with the plan and then things sometimes don't work out. But overall, I thought your presentation was excellent. I mean let's be realistic. So as you're doing this more and more and going into the world of safety as a non safety person, I don't even know what that qualifies. But we'll say that how do more important people reach out to you now because I would imagine what the changes that are going on. Everything is virtual, as you were saying earlier. But are you asked being asked to do in person engagement?

[00:05:19] spk_0: Yes. We're finally, as I joked and I said it on the stage, it's like, I feel like my inner Ariel is out. It's like I got to be where the people are and yes, we are vaccinated. Um but the thing is, is like, people can reach out to me work speed dot com, W O R K Z B E. So it's work Z B um or I am on this awesome podcast called unapologetically bold and very awesome podcast so you can reach me out a few ways there and it's just, it's fun. It's been a blessing to see that what I love the best is we're finally flipping the script to a little bit of caring about people again and it's going to the people side of the equation. So as I say, I love machines, but I like people more than almost

[00:05:57] spk_1: you like hot people.

[00:05:59] spk_0: I do like people that are humble, open and transparent. I like hot people.

[00:06:03] spk_1: I know, I remember the first time you said that you were I remember we were doing the interview and you said that I was like what you like hot people? I love the I love the explanation. How did you come up with the term?

[00:06:14] spk_0: Okay, so I totally stole it actually from a preacher, he's pretty famous so he says it a lot, so I'm like, but mike Todd at transformation church, he said and I'm like that's good because most people are like skeptical of churchy people and I'm like and he actually lives it like he tells all of his crap like all of his grab and that's the thing is like humans, we deal with it and say like Sam talked about safety does suck. There's some things and we can make it suck less. Like let's start being humble open and transparent and talking about these things to understand that like we're all human and we're human at home work and play and how can we do our jobs better because most people want to come to work, they want to do good, they want to be better for society, they want to be good.

[00:06:58] spk_1: But well I mean what I think is pretty interesting with the stuff that you do is that you live your life, but you put some of it on social media and you show the reality side of everything you have going on. There is no shyness there on what you have going on.

[00:07:12] spk_0: No. Um Like I got zoom bombed by my cat. I literally did like when I'm a sucky cow farmer because like I do all the things wrong according to my husband. Um you're not supposed to name them 12 you're not supposed to draw like flowers and pictures all over their tags either. Um, and then you're not supposed to let them just walk around at your house while you're on a zoom call and they go up steps.

[00:07:36] spk_1: I did not know that. I

[00:07:37] spk_0: did not eat any jump off steps to, but hey did amazing with it. So

[00:07:43] spk_1: holy cow. Absolutely. But here's what I want to mention this to do for, especially for the people that are out there listening, You are so committed to doing the stuff that you're doing today is your anniversary. It is, congratulations. But you're out here. Is your husband waiting in the general area? Is he back in Georgia?

[00:07:59] spk_0: Oh, he's back in Georgia. I'm Georgia.

[00:08:01] spk_1: See that's loving

[00:08:02] spk_0: commitment. So it is, he knows what I love to do and I know that he loves his stuff and we just get to do. And that's the thing too. It's like whenever you get a fall, your purpose and passion, like you don't want, and if you actually love your other half, you don't want to stop them. Like, because if I didn't get to come and do this stuff, I'm gonna hold it over his head and I promise you, a woman can remember longer than you ever think anybody else can remember. So,

[00:08:24] spk_1: oh, I'm glad that you're here then, especially after that comment.

[00:08:29] spk_0: So,

[00:08:30] spk_1: what else do you have coming up? What else do you have going on? Should I tell people on how you pre record everything a year ahead of them?

[00:08:37] spk_0: So, I have a lot of podcast coming out. I'm really excited on. The aspect of this month, is really focused on mental health. I'm big on mental fitness and breaking down some of the barriers is really what this focus has been next month. I have a lot of really cool people like special in sports realm has been coming. So I've been blessed to start to get to work more with professional athletes and getting to work in the collegiate realm. Um, that's been fun and then also just do my stuff with works being our team, we're just continuing to grow and as people are starting to care more about people, it's like, hey, you, you, you know people, you know how they work. Um, can you come teach me your magic is really what it is.

[00:09:18] spk_1: This is jay allen show. So I interrupt this very important show to discuss this important matter with you and here's what I want to share. You know that for years I have been telling you on this show that I don't sleep too great. Over the last few months I've actually acquired a helix sleep mattress and it has changed the way that I sleep entirely. Listen, I have to tell you for years, I have struggled day in and day out or night in and night out on how I sleep. But ever since I went to Helix sleep and took the sleep quiz, it has changed my way of sleeping. All you need to do to be able to encounter this luxury in your home. Just go to Helix Sleep dot com slash safety. That's Helix sleep dot com slash safety. Take their two minutes sleep quiz and they'll match you with the customized mattress that will give you the best sleep of your life. Helix sleep is offering up to $200 off of all orders in two free pillows or our listeners at Helix sleep dot com slash safety. That's Helix sleep dot com slash safety for up to $200 off into three pillows. Mm And we are back on the J allen show on safety. FM. So what So when you come. So that's why I always amazing to me where you have these larger organizations and they reach out and go teach us your magic. So when you do this, are you doing this as you bring in your whole crew or do you have just portions of ago? Okay. This is kind of a specialty for extra. How does that work?

[00:11:09] spk_0: So we actually have our own process that we use. And it's what I say is if it is like project management like design thinking and human behavior. All had a baby. It's kind of what we have. Um And and so like ours is all focused on one. You got to know the people. Like you can't like sam made a great point. Like you can't just come in and like tell people what to do, You got to know the people, you gotta make sure you have the right people on the team. And we don't have all, like I said in mind like it's not all like hearted or it's not all like minded. We gotta have like hearted people, we gotta have people that have the same mission, but if we have all people saying yes yes yes yes yes yes, we get stuck in that instance. How

[00:11:46] spk_1: do you qualify people to get into your group?

[00:11:48] spk_0: My group. So

[00:11:50] spk_1: I mean I would imagine if they have to be like hearted. Hold on. Yeah, like hard to not like minded. It has to be an interesting interview process.

[00:11:58] spk_0: It is, it's all about mission oriented. Like basically I guess that's my gift to I can read people very, very well and see if they're faking it or not. I've dealt with enough fake people that God has been like, hey, this is your gift because you've dealt with a lot of crap with it. And so long story short, I just go in and my team, we actually help their teams find these people. And it's easy, it's easy. We have um we say that there's usually four people, there's people that find problems. There's people that talk about problems. There's people that think about problems and there's people that communicate or like actually do this due to do this stuff. Everybody can pull them out like that, They can even point them out themselves out. Like it's really not that

[00:12:37] spk_1: hard. Hold on, you're giving out the secret sauce of exactly what you're doing that

[00:12:41] spk_0: I'm not, but trust me, you can try but as I say, you got to know some and uh, what is it? Uh, invitation is the greatest form of flattery. But it's the thing though that does come with it is that you gotta you gotta understand the people, you got to understand how they work and listen to them and then start adding accountability and is really are our key thing and finding ways that as I talked to the thing, we're not about dopamine hints. It's just that right, right cheerleader and the fans were about, which is we're by oxytocin, loving grandmother and the safety of the body serotonin because actually both of them together psychological safety and also that social safety. That's what we do. We find ways how humans are designed to create

[00:13:21] spk_1: that. So talking about what you reference right there in regard to psychological safety. Now, you're starting to hear the word a lot more because of Covid the lockdown and so on. What are you thinking? Now? I know that you're send mental health is important. Psychological safety of course is going to tie into some of that stuff right there. What are you thinking? Do you think? And I'm asking an opinion question of course, Do you think it's a buzzword for some, or do you really think they were putting their heart and effort into it?

[00:13:48] spk_0: Oh, I'm

[00:13:49] spk_1: asking it's

[00:13:50] spk_0: an opinion. It's totally a buzzword when all the money starts going around and I see it all the freaking marking material. Like, y'all, y'all, like, do you actually know what it is? Like? That's my frustration. But the interesting thing is that I'm seeing with it with my clients is really, really cool because we haven't been together. And so trust is to, is oxytocin releases. So that loving grandmother is actually from being around people. People are less trusting right now on an extreme level. And so especially if you've not had a good work environment, you're having what may seem as entitlement coming out, It's really cool seeing that. And then also there's safety has been so basically jacked up like, you know how you have on your little, I don't know what you can call that, but your mixer think it goes up and down up and down. That's basically what people's safety has been like for the past year. And so everything like kind of triggers them like that got that gut feeling. So you have people that are very hypersensitive right now to safety, not other people's safety but their own and then you have not trusting, like it's talk about boxing ring, it's cool, it's bad, but as a human, like human nerd, like watching it, but also helping people through that navigate through. So it's not a huge sparring match, but understanding like how people can adapt to that because you actually can do some key things to help your people understand better. Like what are they feeling? It's normal. It's normal to not trust people right now. You haven't been around people, you literally have not had any oxytocin release is like I have not had a high fives and I had pancakes, I've hugged today. Sorry

[00:15:28] spk_1: All have self-high five a couple of times. But here's my question to you then, because this brings up another topic then when you start thinking about the level of trust is not existing existence. So we told people that were crucial employees that they needed to come into the office or go out and so on and certain other people could work from home. So the people that are actually the in crucial employees and the people that were working from home, how is that going to look now that we're able to get together? I mean, because think about it, think about from what you're saying, how is that time going to work? Because you were not essential, quote unquote for five months, six months a year, whatever. And now we're going to bring you back in

[00:16:06] spk_0: May some trigger words here. This just like my and like, sorry, you want to say things that can trigger me like, y'all, can we please get rid of this non essential essential crap? But you

[00:16:16] spk_1: know what I'm talking? You know,

[00:16:18] spk_0: I totally know I worked in a health care system for for a long time and that was one thing that pet people, we're heart of the matter, we care and we love, oh, sorry. You're not essential. Like you don't get anything. Like, uh, you still have to, like be away, but you have to be here. So for them, even you couldn't work from home. You still can't work from home. Whether it would, you still can't work from home,

[00:16:41] spk_1: don't name drop due

[00:16:44] spk_0: to worry. Um, but it was very interesting to see they have had such high turnover. You're going to see it. You can easily see it in your high turnover. People be leaving quicker. They're gonna be pissed off. You have more incidents. You're gonna have higher hostility rates, like it's going to be easily traded. So if you're wondering, look at your claims, look at your workers, come talk to your HR people like your compliance. Like, you're gonna have a 10 more.

[00:17:16] spk_1: Do you think because of this, right? Starting off the bat, you a lot of places will losing good employees because

[00:17:21] spk_0: of this?

[00:17:22] spk_1: Even though, I mean, even though they're titled non essential and I'm just using the word because that's what they're calling

[00:17:27] spk_0: them. They've already left. I call them unicorns. Most unicorns have already left. They left. If you already crappy organisation, this kind of gave him that shift of like, I'm gone, I'm gone. And so unicorns have left probably eight months ago and now we're going to bring people back and you don't have your unicorns to like, or your cheerleaders be like, hi, you like that where you're hi high top performers because they don't deal with this crap. We don't like, it's just suck it up buttercup. Like we'll figure out our own crap. Um, and so you may be stuck with employee groups that, especially if the millennials, I'll give that, that if the military younger, some of my older boomers, like y'all stick with it loyalty, like too, like the death literally because you literally will kill yourself, um, with stress to be able to be stuck in a, in a, in a position because your tried and true and you've done it and you went through it

[00:18:23] spk_1: well, like always knowledge bombs from Emily. All right, I appreciate you coming by. I know they're starting off at the next session. Wasn't sure if you want to make it or not, but I really do appreciate you coming by. I

[00:18:30] spk_0: appreciate it. You know, jay, I love you.

[00:18:32] spk_1: You know what? We need more, more and more of your episodes, you know, that's right. I'm

[00:18:39] spk_0: livestream.

[00:18:40] spk_1: Thanks again for coming by safety FM dot com. Well, that's it. That's gonna end our time today together on this show. I hope you enjoyed the conversation with Emily L Rod as much as I did if you're not listening to unapologetically bold. I'm not sorry for you need to take a listen to what Emily has going on. You can come to our website. Safety FM dot com. Go under the list of shows and Emily Show is listed right there while you're there. You might notice we do also have a plethora of other shows as well as our radio station app. You can download that if you like and take a listen to what we have going on on safety FM 24 7 Anyways, thank you for taking a listen today and thank you for always being the best part of safety FM and that is the listener. I'll see you next time. Goodbye or now. Mhm.

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