Find Your Flow Podcast
Find Your Flow Podcast - Keep on Rockin In The Free World
March 7, 2022
Keep on rocking in the free world! So ironic these days lol. I recorded this episode back in 2018. Now I am publishing it in March 20 22. There was a situation with Neil Young, the artist who wrote this song. It was ironic because if you know anything about the censorship happening this day and age and his part and talking about rocking in the free world are also trying to censor people, it’s actually quite insane. But let’s not get political. But let’s also not give up our right to freedom of speech. I could probably do a whole episode about me having done an episode on this topic a few short years ago and how much things have changed in just a short few years. Actually, it’s about four years which is insane that time has flown that much. It’s almost like the last two years have been a deep sleep hypnosis that we’ve been put under and some people still haven’t woken up yet. Hopefully we can wake up soon before it’s too late.