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{ep. 102} We get by with a little help from our {writer} friends with Lanette Pottle
August 12, 2023
Transformational nonfiction writers and entrepreneurs who want to write a book to grow their business, leave an impact on the world, or help people get through a situation in their life may often struggle to make the time to get the book done. Lanette Pottle & Alexa Bigwarfe discuss the importance of accountability and community to get the book done!
In this episode, Lanette and I discussed:

More about Lanette Pottle:

Lanette Pottle isn't just a respected Transformational Book Coach and Publishing Mentor; she's dedicated to uplifting and empowering women. Her guiding principle is reflected in the Mother Teresa quote: "You can do things I cannot. I can do things you cannot. Together we can do great things."

She's in the business of helping women tap into their knowledge and wisdom then translate it into compelling self-help, personal development, and business how-to books that make an impact.

Beyond books, Lanette also orchestrates events and masterminds that are game-changers. These gatherings become platforms for women to network, learn, and elevate their visions.

In the publishing arena, she's made her mark as a trusted guide and mentor. She's a multi-book bestselling author, founder of Positivity Lady Press, creator of the She Gets Published brand, and has helped dozens of women become bestselling authors.

But her contributions aren't restricted to print.

If you've caught an episode of She Gets Published – The Podcast, you've experienced Lanette diving deep into topics and offering her blend of warmth, wisdom, and actionable advice. Together with her handpicked industry experts, they ensure each conversation is rich with insights, providing every listener with real value.

She's been a guest on numerous podcasts, featured on Hay House Radio, and has shared her expertise in Authority Magazine. Additionally, she's collaborated with notable names like Next Advisor and TIME, appeared in Woman’s Day magazine, and been spotlighted on the nationally syndicated television show, The Lis', discussing how books boost credibility.

With a TEDx talk under her belt and having shared the stage with New York Times #1 Bestseller Jack Canfield, Lanette's influence is far-reaching, even with her home-base being in small-town Maine.

Instagram: @shegetspublished
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