The Recovering Entrepreneur Show
Always Believe in Yourself
January 3, 2021
This show serves a few purposes and we are glad you are here! The first is to document Bobbie's journey through the early parts of her entrepreneurial adventure. The second is to share and promote the fabulous people she is meeting along the way. So many people are working hard to change the world, each in their own special way and I want to share that with you! Hopefully, you will learn some new things as we go along!
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Just always believe in yourself in whatever that you are doing. Confidence is always an issue for all of us, even for the great ones.

Part of my vision is to be 'The Tony Robbins of Recovery'. To be able to spread the word about gambling addiction. That's under my flavor, not totally his flavor.

Always remember, 'YOU CAN DO IT'!

Have a great night beautiful people!

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