The Practice of Learning Teams
The Learning Teams Journey of Jeffery Lyth - Part Two
January 27, 2021
Welcome to the 19th Episode of the podcast series. Our special guest is one of Canada's great sons of safety, Jeffery Lyth. In this special two parts series, we explore Jeff's Learning Teams Journey.
Hi Safety FM listeners, this is Brent Sutton, one of the co-hosts of the new podcast series The Practice of Learning Teams, with my fellow co-hosts Glynis McCarthy and Brent Robinson.

Our goal is to support you on your journey and build a better community of practice for Learning Teams.

On today's podcast of the show, we talk with one of Canada's great sons of safety, Jeffery Lyth.

Not only is Jeff a practitioner of the new view of safety he is also the host of the Safety Differently forum.

In Part Two, Jeff shares his views on;
a) The future of Learning Teams
b) The role of Learning Teams in operational learning
c) How Learning Teams creates transparency with valued and non-valued activities and the need to evaluate, improve or remove waste.

At the end of this episode, I will be joined by my fellow Colleagues Glynis McCarthy and Brent Robinson, where we will reflect on Jeffs discussion.

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