Non-savvy founders focus on Instagram strategy
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Non-savvy founders focus on Instagram strategy
March 7, 2021
In this episode we talk about why focusing on Instagram to solve all your marketing problems is actually a waste of time.
You're wasting your time. If you think Instagram is the answer to all your marketing problems, the number one problem with Instagram, first of all, is if you are working really, really hard to build your follower count up followers don't actually really mean anything. That's 12 Facebook can shut your Instagram account at any moment, so that list of people that you're building up on Instagram isn't really yours on Instagram or even your Facebook page. I hear this a lot of times. People think that they need to up their follower account on the Facebook page, and they don't Facebook pages don't get any organic reach at all. The only reason for a Facebook business page is to run ads, and that's about it. A few people do get organic reach on their business pages, but those are fewer than the majority. It's really, really difficult for people to get organic reach on their Facebook business page going back to Instagram because Facebook can take away your Instagram account at any moment's notice. 

The two pieces of data that you really need when you are building your customer list our email addresses and phone numbers these two items are platform-agnostic, which means that no one can take them away from you. You actually have a direct connection to be able to broadcast your messages to these people, and that is a list that you own. Anything else your WhatsApp group, your Facebook group, Facebook page, Instagram page Tiktok. Whatever else might be out there that is not yours, it doesn't belong to you. It could be taken away at any moment's notice. And the only way that you have any real chance of building the following back up is if you at least have those email addresses and phone numbers. 

So what do you need to be able to collect email addresses and phone numbers? There's a lot that you need one. The first thing to really understand is when it comes to marketing, it takes at least 8 to 12 touches before someone will even consider your brand before that. If they don't know what your brand is, then it takes time to actually build that know, likability, and trust. And if you have a landing page and you have an opt-in and you think that the option is the best way for you to start collecting emails. You will likely be wrong. A lot of times people just come to your page and they might look around. But if they have no real reason to give you their email address, then they won't. 

So how do you reach out to them? Well, one, you need to have tracking pixels in place, and you can have tracking pixels for TikTok, for Facebook, for being for Google, etcetera. And what this lets you do is if anyone visits your page and they don't leave an email address for you to contact them, then you can retarget them using these ad networks, um, such as Facebook, for example. So if you have a Facebook tracking pixel, someone comes to your page from Facebook. You don't know who it is, but that tracking pixel. Think of it as a little detective that sits on your site, and that detective is matching up visitors with people that are on Facebook so that detective knows who it is. And if you want to run, add to that person and be able to retarget that person because remember, it takes 8 to 12 touches for someone to even recognize your brand exists, then you would want to be able to re-target to them. And hopefully, as your retargeting, they will give you some peace of their information. So you can start, um, contacting them and welcoming them into your community. Do not build an Instagram page. 

What you need to do to put all of this together is you need to have a way to attract people to your site. You need a way to capture all the information that you're getting from these people so you can retarget them whether that's through tracking pixels or through email addresses. Then you need a nice email sequence or an ad sequence that's actually nurturing these leads that are coming into your pipeline, and eventually, they will convert. If you have a good nurture sequence in place, and all this doesn't have to be hard, you can automate the entire thing. It just takes a little bit to get started, but you just start bit by bit. You don't have to have the whole piece today, but it does take the whole piece for you to have the entire system for you to do what you needed to do so Forget the Instagram page. Build yourself a mousetrap that actually attracts, nurtures and converts and build your audience that way. I'll see you guys in the next episode. 

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