Property Investory
Orane Swan - How to Make $2.2 Million in 2.5 Years through Building Apartments
August 26, 2020
Orane Swan is the managing director of Bos Developments and Orane Property and Lifestyles Pty Ltd. She also owns her own commercial property, and has a venue called Meetings@Milton. Swan is highly experienced in sales and marketing, as well as finance broking. Despite having difficulties in school, especially as English was her second language, the successful investor always had a strong work ethic where her skills in sales and marketing ultimately led her to start her property investing journey. In this episode of Property Investory you will hear how the single mother of four ultimately increased her wealth through investing in property and developments, how her upbringing in Mauritius motivated her to work hard for herself and her children and much much more!
Not only is the investor skilled in sales and marketing, but Swan also excels at increasing a property’s value. After realising her most precious asset was herself, she resigned at the Australia Post and threw herself into property where she has created a passive rental income of $550,000 per annum.

In this episode you will hear how Swan pushed herself to focus on her mindset in order to succeed in property investing, how she prefers holding over flipping and how she has managed to increase a property’s value whilst continuing to be a hardworking and loving mother for her children!