Sit, Breathe, Bow
Zen Master Jeong Ji (Anita Feng)
September 8, 2020
Zen Master Jeong Ji, Anita Feng, invites us to meet the moment with clarity, compassion, truth, and a fitting function.
Zen Master Jeong Ji, Anita Feng, began practicing Zen in 1976 and later moved into the Providence Zen Center to study with Zen Seung Sahn. She received inka, or permission to teach, from Zen Master Ji Bong, Robert Moore, in 2008, and was given transmission by him in 2015. Today Zen Master Jeong Ji is the guiding teacher of the Blue Heron Zen Community in Seattle, WA. She is also an accomplished ceramicist and author.
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Sit, Breathe, Bow is hosted by Ian White Maher.
Sit, Breathe, Bow is sponsored by the Online Sangha of the International Kwan Um School of Zen