The Podcast
10 Tremendous Growth Opportunities for Brands Selling into China
October 12, 2020
Welcome to our first ever episode! Listen to this session with guest speakers in the Chinese e-commerce (TMall Global) and China sales (WalktheChat) spaces, to give you the latest and greatest actionable advice and information 🎤 Take advantage of these key strategies to unlock your campaign's success 🔑
Are you aware of the top marketing and advertising trends? Do you know which buttons you can push to improve your chances of success in the China market? 🔼

Whether you're already selling or looking to pull the trigger to enter China, this session is packed full of tips for you.

0:00 Intro
2:00 TMall Global and health
17:30 Shopping festivals
24:40 Livestreaming
33:00 KOLs
42:30 Short video
48:20 China's recovery
53:30 WeChat Mini-Programs
59:00 WeChat influencers
1:04:44 Cross-border e-commerce
1:10:00 Q&A with Henrik, Zarina, and Thomas