Dating Kinky
The night I tried to be sexy...
April 14, 2022
Hint: It didn't go well. It crushed me.
Welcome to the Dating Kinky Podcast, A ‘cast about love, sex, romance, and kink. 

I wrote this piece originally in 2016. 

I'm sharing this with you, because it's come up recently, and, well, I feel like you hear a lot about where I am and my happiness and successful relationships I have...

And maybe many of you don't know what it took me to get here. 

So I'll share. 

Trigger warning: Extreme emotional abuse. Please protect yourself and turn this off if it harms you. 

*deep breath*

The Night I Tried To Be Sexy...

He was beautiful. Strong. Charismatic. Sexy as fuck. Had been from the moment I met him.

I was me. He'd never told me I was beautiful. It didn't matter. I never valued that part of romance anyway.

He liked my brain. He liked my athleticism. He liked my business success.

He also liked tall blondes.

I am most definitely not a tall blonde. But, I thought, I could be.

I planned it for a week. I bought the lingerie. I bought the honey powder and the makeup. I bought the fine chocolate and the single malt he enjoyed. I bought candles.

I bought the shoes with very high heels.

And I bought the long, blonde wig.

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