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#115: Working With Sir James Dyson & World Champion Boxer Chris Eubank + Receiving The Highest Honor Possible From The Queen of England… w/ Sháá Wasmund
January 3, 2023
What do Sir James Dyson, world champion boxer Chris Eubank, and Queen Elizabeth II have in common? No, it’s not some witty joke… It’s today’s guest, Sháá Wasmund. Sháá is the definition of a maverick, and I can’t wait for you to listen to today’s interview… Despite the fact that Sháá grew up in poverty with an incredibly abusive father, she’s truly become an entrepreneurial titan. The Sunday Times named her as “One of the top 20 most influential entrepreneurs in the UK”. She’s built multiple 7 figure businesses from the ground up and had a multi-7 figure exit. She’s worked with Sir James Dyson and Chris Eubank, and received a prestigious award from Queen Elizabeth II. And today, you get to learn some of her best entrepreneurial secrets… To learn more about Sháá, visit