The Safety Consultant Blueprint
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
The Safety Consultant Blueprint
September 25, 2023
In this episode, we explore the exciting journey of starting a safety consulting business. If you're passionate about ensuring the safety of individuals and organizations and want to turn that passion into a successful venture, this episode is your guide. We break down the process into seven essential steps, from defining your niche and obtaining the necessary qualifications to creating a solid business plan, registering your business, and developing your services and pricing structure. We'll also discuss the importance of building your brand and online presence and the power of networking to establish long-lasting client relationships. Join us as we empower you to make workplaces safer and embark on a rewarding career in safety consulting.

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This episode is powered by Safety FM. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Safety Consultant Podcast. I am your host, Shawn and Primus. It's a podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant. We talk about OSHA compliance, we talk about regulatory compliance with every country you're in, you need the regulatory compliance, maybe not the OSHA. We talk about safety and health as a general thing. Specifically, sometimes to just get right into how to get your resources for your safety business. Thank you for joining me today. It's a chilly September morning for me. I'm in Pacific Northwest area right now. It's been pretty cool. I saw some whales yesterday. It's awesome. No matter how old you are, any time you see whales, you just go nuts. It's like, Look at that. I'm so small. I'm so insignificant. Look at how big these things are. Oh, yeah. It was awesome. It was really awesome. We did the Punch It Sound Express. Went around, didn't get seasick. That was cool. Normally, I get seasick, but this time, no. Welcome, everybody. I want to thank everybody for listening to the show. Let's tell you who's listening, and then I'll tell you where we're placed on the charts this week.

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Us, you are number one, France, thank you. Number two, Canada, Finland, Malaysia, UK, Germany, Netherlands, UAE, you guys have been holding me down. Thank you so much. Australia, Austria. Awesome. Let's see. I'm going to look up for more. I got more. Here we go. Uganda, year 11, Hungary, 12, Korea, 13, Italy, South Africa, Greece. Let's see. Let me flip over. This is the charts side. Ranking on the charts, top 200 usually are the ranks, anything below the ranks that get credit, 200 or more. This is on the Apple list under the government category where I am. Saudi Arabia, I am up 1-107. Oh, wow! That is awesome. Chile, 70. I'm up 1 there too. Uae, down 1 at 101. Qatar, it looks like I am number six. Wow! Hold on. That is amazing. I want to give myself, I want to give you guys a round of applause. It's about to hit the wrong button. Oh, first. I can't believe it was that high. Oh, it was awesome. Thank you so much. Keep going down on the list. Wow, hold on, Senegal. Number 31. That's all on the apple chart. Apple, they've got the stranglehold on us, podcasters and services.

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We always want to get Apple ranked because Apple is just that big of a service. It's like the big brother. Wetry to do you want to be just like the big brother, right? All the other podcast services want to be like the big brother, Apple. When you get on the Apple list, it's like getting at the big person's table at Thanksgiving. That's really what it feels like. That's awesome. Charitable. It looks like I'm now 132 in the charitable US government reach. Let's see. Global government reach, 155. Everything else is just thousands away. Let's not do that. Let's not do that. Everyone that's been listening, thank you so much for listening. You guys really, really rock. I just want to just tell you everything. I appreciate you. Yes, you guys have been awesome. I've got a little tip for you guys today. Today, I'm going to do the podcast a little bit differently because I've been getting a lot of questions regarding how do I start a business. I've been seeing it on post on LinkedIn. I've been seeing it on a whole bunch of other places. I think what's even worse is I've seen people telling people how to do this that they haven't been in the business as long as I have or anything and some of the information, it's iffy.

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I'm going to tell you guys where to find some really good information and it's self-serving today. Sorry about that. But I just got to let you guys know since I've been hearing it so much, that's a good thing people are trying to get into the business. I'm going to take you guys to safetyconsultantblueprint. Com. All right, and like always, if you're driving, we don't want you to be driving and then listening to this, no, no, you're not driving. You're going to listen to this show first. Then after you listen to this show, then you're going to come back and go online. It's a safety consultant blueprint. That's where you're going. And it's. Com, safetyconsultantblueprint. Com. This is my guide for you step by step by step, literally on how to start a safety consultant business. It started with the seven steps of starting a profitable safety consulting business, which is my book available on Amazon, and then just going to a little bit more. First, you need to get that consultant mindset. That's what we talk about first. Just how are you going to get the consultant mindset? For the course, you also will get the safety consultant blueprint book as well.

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But first you need that mindset and you need to know your whys. Why are you going to want to go ahead and take this risk and become a safety consultant? Many of us, it was honestly, you got laid off from somewhere and now you got to go back and get yourself started. You don't have the energy, effort, or you don't want to do the effort. But when I say effort, I mean effort to start someone else's or to help someone else's dream by becoming an employee, you want to do the effort to start your own business. It's not like you're getting lazy or anything. It's just you're going to work harder, quite honestly, to get it started. We talk about that. We talked about the things to start your business. That's all Module 2 is getting legal, starting the business. You had to establish either LLC or S-corp. For me in the US, I had to get an employee identification number with our internal revenue service. A lot of you will have different departments that you'll have to go to to get legal. You got to do that part because you can't grow your business.

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If you're just doing one-off companies, you're going to have to eventually look for bigger companies to grow your business. They all want to see the legal stuff. They want to make sure you got an actual business. They want to make sure that you got a bank account. In some cases, you have to have your insurance. I give you all those tips right away. After that, we even talk about safety designations, which one is worth your money. With designations, I always think about return of investment. You can't just pluck your money out of any designation because you want every single letter behind your name and you think that's going to give you importance enough that people will choose your service. It's going to confuse some people. You have to select the right designation because you're also going to have to keep up with these designations. Every three years, you're going to plop down 100 and something bucks, sometimes in US dollars. You don't want to do all that. Don't just get names. That's the same thing with listening to podcasts. I'm glad and grateful that you're listening to this podcast. I'm not trying to push you away, but you can't just listen, can't just listen, can't just listen without action.

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Listen, learn action. Listen, learn action. That's what we got to do. Next, we go into branding the business. You want to make sure that you're going to brand the business. Honestly, branding is going to be some email marketing and a few other things. Getting your client, that's the big chapter, right? Finding new clients, pricing your business for success, learning how to do proposals. That's all in that next chapter. Honestly, this is one of those things that you will keep coming back to. That's why it's in a course format. You learn it first, I give you templates, and then you go ahead and try to put in your information into my templates, and that's going to help you with your business. We talk about training and speaking because it's very important. Eventually, you're going to end up having to speak somewhere to someone. You're going to have to get that under your belt. It's scary sometimes, but it's okay. You got this. But you definitely are going to speak to people, so you're going to have to learn some tips for that. I'll show you how to put together a presentation, everything else in that module.

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Next module talks about growing your business through partnerships. That's one of the biggest ways I grew my business. I actually train for several different people as a contract trainer. That puts me in front of their audience, that puts me in front of their members. That model of partnership will then help you grow through that partnership. You're not trying to find the client all the time. They're coming to you in a class. We talk about just a few things with money. Just want to make sure that you guys are going to know some tax things and each country will be different. This isn't just a US course, it's for everybody. But we talk a little bit about that, including supplemental income. I know everybody wants to have their primary income be safety consulting, which is good. That's what you should do. However, if you think that that's all you're going to need, it's not going to work. You're actually going to need some supplemental income somehow. That's why a lot of us will do courses, will do events, will get books, we'll be speakers. Those are all supplemental income. I actually think you should branch out and just figure out since you're working for yourself, what other skills do you have?

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You might as well tap into those skills too, especially if it's stuff that is fun for you. If you are also a woodworker and you're a safety consultant, that's not bad. You don't have to always make your money and just safety consultant to be this quote-unquote, safety consultant. That's just one of the ways you make your money. In the course, I did talk about COVID-19 just a little because I know globally, we still have some areas that we really have to think about that. As a consultant, those are some of the stuff that you might want to bring up to the people that you're going to be servicing, especially if you're going to be in really close proximity, working together, meat packing, warehousing sometimes, maybe not warehousing, but assembly line type work. Those are the people that you're going to need to help coach and put that in there. As I update the content, once you get the course, you'll always get your content updated. The course itself is just if that's all you need, you only need the course, then you'll see the course-only price in there. I made it cheaper for the lower barrier of entry.

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So 275, USD. I know a lot of people who are training consultants, they are not even consultants. You're going to go ahead and end up making this your business and you're going to get more clients. They priced things knowing that you need this to make your money. I priced it lower so you could get the lower barrier entry for those people that just need the course. For those people that want to get a little bit more, I do have a plan that is for podcast hosting. I could host only a handful, nine. There's only nine people I could do this one for, and that's to help promote your business. All the price will come with podcast hosting and I will host your podcast with you. I can't do it for you. You're going to have to do it yourself. I can provide the service for you to host. Then the best plan that we got out there is you get the course, you get the hosting. I also can host you with a learning management system. That's one of the ways to keep your clients because then not only can you give them the service, but then if they need their training, you could host the training as well.

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We've got that up there. I also give you some coaching with myself too. That's the best plan that we've got. You could get the course only, get the course with some... If you are into marketing, not everybody wants to do the marketing through podcasting. If you're thinking this way and 90 of you are thinking this way, I got you. If more than 90 of you are thinking this way, we're going to have to make some concessions. Then the other best host is this one. He kept me coaching you. You get a year of a learning management system and podcast hosting for you. Not only can you get your message out, but then also you could put your courses up. You want to get your courses there so people could keep coming back to you, all right? Those are the things that you're really going to be looking for to get your business started. I got something there to help you. Honestly, I have been hearing this a lot and I don't want to do self-serving podcasts, but the stuff I've been seeing people put out there is not mature yet. I want to make sure that if you're going to start a safety consulting business, you've been listening to me and you want to make sure that you do that this thing right to help yourself, I'm here for you.

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Just safetyconsultantblueprint. Com, do the course. Many people that have taken the course already, they've done well. Actually, you could go down, you could see the testimonials. It's there. Just go ahead and give it a shot. Safetyconsultantblueprint. Com. If this is something that you're thinking about for your consulting business, I got you. All right, gang, go get them. This episode has been powered by Safety FM.

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