ChatGPT Answers: What are limiting beliefs to leaving your job to start your own safety consulting business.
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
ChatGPT Answers: What are limiting beliefs to leaving your job to start your own safety consulting business.
May 15, 2023
ChatGPT from OpenAI has been a buzz in the global market. In this episode, Sheldon asks ChatGPT what are some limiting beliefs for those who want to quit their job and start a safety consulting business. ChatGPT replied: There can be several limiting beliefs that may prevent someone from leaving their job and starting their own business. Here are a few examples: 1) Fear of Failure 2) Lack of self-confidence 3) Financial concerns 4) Lack of support 5) Negative self-talk. Sheldon reviews his thoughts on these answers.
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[00:00:05] Announcer: This episode is powered by Safety FM.  
[00:00:14] Sheldon Primus: Welcome to the Safety Consultant podcast. I'm your host, Sheldon Primus. Here's the podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant. Talk about OSHA compliance, talk about occupational safety and health as a discipline, bunch of other stuff. So, alright I will come on. I'm doing good today. How about you? Oh, yes. Another week if you didn't notice, I kind of like switched my days around a little, it seemed like a little bit more organic to go back to Mondays. I don’t know. That was just my thing back in the days. Just my jam, going back to the Mondays.  
So, how is everyone doing? I hope everyone's doing ok. Yeah, I'm doing not bad at all, not bad at all. So, yay. Yay, everyone doing ok. All right. Well, I am, let's see, it is in the time of this recording is just about, I don't know, we can't call it in mid-May yet because we're not there yet, but we're almost there. I'm recording this on the 11th, so I'm actually getting a head start. It's not bad though.  
So I just want to thank everybody for listening. So let's uh see, I'm, I'm just jumping onto my Chartable right now. I wanna see where everyone's from. So I've got two services that I use. One is Chartable and the other one is the bCast, where you're basically getting the feed mostly from. So let's look at my demographics and can I see where everyone is coming from? So, what I'm doing is going on the chart. Um I'm just basically asking on the question, where is everybody? So right off the bat is telling me that uh US is number one, number two, Singapore, number three is Canada, Germany, UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Australia, Denmark, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Ireland, Nigeria, Thailand, South Africa, Mexico, Zambia, Uganda, Spain, Bosnia, uh India, Chile, Sweden. So it looks like that. Is it. Thank you. Thank you, everybody. You guys rock. Well, that's pretty awesome. I'm so just elated that everybody is um just tuning in, sharing it with everyone. Uh, right now let's go down to, let's see. Um, gonna try to see if I could just show up anywhere on the Apple and the other Chartable list, so I see those. So let's see, in South Korea I am now 23 in the government list. All right. Well, thank you for listening to me there. Uh Saudi Arabia, I am 168 in the Apple podcast government list with you guys, South Africa I am 166. Singapore. I am 113. Chile, I am 56 in the government section and Senegal, I am 47. Thank you. That is awesome. And uh you guys have been doing really well just sharing with friends, uh letting everybody know that there is a safety consultant podcast and don't let the name fool you. We're not just here for consultants, but you play the role of a consultant. Uh and then also, though I am an OSHA compliance specialist, those of you that aren't OSHA uh under OSHA's jurisdiction, that's OK. Got stuff for you too, so hang in there. We’re doing it all together, right?  
So I'm doing something, uh it kind of, kind of a little bit weird? It's ominous, I can never say that word. Uh, anyway, I am testing out ChatGPT and I have been uh just the last couple of weeks, maybe even a month or so just, uh kind of getting the feel for it, seeing what it does. So it's helping me with this, uh this episode. I am, I'm asking it, uh a specific question that I've had to answer myself. Uh and then also questions that I've heard the audience ask me as well. So here is the question that I decided I was gonna put in there. 
And I wrote, uh what are some limiting beliefs that may prevent someone from leaving their job and starting their own consulting business? So the answer came back a little bit, um It's, it's kind of cool how, when you ask it a question, it kind of like it thinks it through, you know? You, kind of like, you know, like when you text somebody and you've got that nice little uh three dots and it's just kind of like the dots are going and going and going and you're like, come on, come on, you get an answer, go on and you don't know what's happening. But then all of a sudden, you know, boom, you get it right. And you're like, yes, I got the letter. So this is what ChatGPT is doing is it's like thinking through your question. So I'm waiting for the answer and then all of a sudden, boom, here comes the answer. And conveniently it's five things and the way it's displayed is in such a nice, simple way to digest. And I decided I'm gonna make a full-on episode using the response to the one question I just said. So here is the response to the limiting, limiting beliefs. So ChatGPT says there can be several limiting beliefs that may prevent someone from leaving their job and starting their own business. Here are a few examples. And literally, it just starts with this nice format of numbering it.  
So number one, should we start at number one? I usually start at number one because it doesn't matter to me, right? I don't know if this is numbered or not. So, let's see, I'm just gonna do it the order they give it. So let's do it in, in the order. I'm not gonna be any kind of like reverse order guy, you know, those, uh, I guess maybe I'm, I'm not playing it up like I should. Maybe I should be playing it up more, but don't worry about it. I'll get, I'll, I'll do it my way. I would start singing it, but you know, as soon as I do then there'll be some sort of copyright thing and you know how that goes right? Everyone's thinking the song. So number one, fear of failure. One of the most common limited beliefs is the fear of failure. Many people worry that their business may not succeed and that they will lose everything they have worked for. So, number one, fear of failure and that's true, I actually see that a lot. I do see where, um, uh, it comes out like this. Uh, most people when you tell them what they do they'll say, oh, man, you're so brave. And then the next question is usually, uh, some variation of, how long have you been doing this? Because they're testing for themselves and their brain. If it's feasible for this person, that I'm meeting here, uh, then, hm, maybe it's feasible for me too. So, those are the things that come in really close. So, uh, yeah, I could see that, the fear of failure.  
Uh, number two, it's kind of a, um kind of a root cause to fear of failure, is lack of self-confidence. So this is number two and ChatGPT says lack of self-confidence and it does seem that a nice little uh colon, and it says another limiting your belief is the lack of self-confidence. Some individuals may doubt their abilities to start and run a successful business which can hinder them from taking the necessary steps to make their dream a reality. Look at that. That is awesome. I actually, uh, I concur because, uh, when you don't have self-confidence, then, uh, every step you're taking your second guessing and then it becomes easier for you to, uh, get there, stay in the pattern, stay into what's comfortable. And, uh, at that point, you don't feel like, uh, you could do more. You feel like you're getting what you get. So with that in your mindset, you know, you're, uh, if you want to get beyond that, you're gonna really have to trust that you can get that next paycheck with your work and with your effort, with your will in some cases, with your nagging in other cases. Uh, so yeah, there you go. Self-confidence is number two. Yeah, I like that one.  
Number three in our, uh, ChatGPT generated list to my question that asked, what are some limiting, limiting beliefs from someone quitting their job and starting their own business. So the next one is financial concerns. Many people are afraid of leaving their stability of their job in steady income it provides. They may worry about how they will support themselves and their family if their business does not generate enough income. So there you go. That's a good one because you get your safe thing going. That's why I tell people even in the book that I wrote, uh, Seven Steps for Starting a Profitable Consulting Business, uh, Safety Consulting Business. Uh, so I'm telling, like, if you could do this while you're still working, that is the best way for you to get into a consulting business. Uh, so you have many, many options to do it, um, I've, I've did a whole episode about it, you know. So, um, just go back to my last episode of a couple of weeks ago. Not too far, but, uh, doing your safety as a side gig, you know, start with the side gig first and then let it pretty much get into something that you could do and sustain yourself.  
All right, number four in our generated list. It says lack of support. Another limiting belief is the lack of support from family and friends. Some individuals may feel that they do not have the support they need to leave their job and start their own business. Yeah, that is the truth. If you do not have, uh, your partner with you, you are sunk. And, you know, hey, they know you the best, right? So you're going to uh take what they say and when you hear like a no, maybe that no is a wait. And you might have to um, um, educate your partner as to, you know, why you need a decision to be made or, or something or why resources need to be moved over here to go over there. Uh, so, in order to get that support, uh or should say, in order to do that and feel comfortable in doing that and, and letting your business, uh take as it needs, uh as much as it gives, right? Uh, so just so it could be viable, so that is going to involve your partner and involve your family. So, yeah, yeah, you need their support, and you need the extended family and friends support too. Uh, one of the best ways to get started is truly by asking friends and family. Hey, is there any kind of work that you guys need, uh any kind of safety related stuff? Even if it's uh showing up and, and doing a training for someone, that's the way to do it.  
Negative self-talk. Yes, the next and last one. Negative self-talk can also be limiting belief. Some individuals may tell themselves that they are not smart enough or talented enough to start their own business, which can hold them back from pursuing their dreams. And then look at this ChatGPT, they kind of like summed it up. I mean, literally at the very end of everything here, they actually started summing it up for you, and they say it is important to recognize these limiting beliefs and work to overcome them. This can involve seeking support from loved ones, focusing on the positive, developing a solid business plan and taking small steps towards achieving their goals. It may also be helpful to seek the guidance of a coach or a mentor, who can provide guidance and support throughout the process.  
All right. So look at that, I'm a fan. Uh this one genuinely, uh you know, wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm glad that this one worked out good for us. So that was me asking ChatGPT a question and we're able to help you. Uh, hey, if you need a mentor, I could be one for you virtually, I could be one for you physically. So go to and uh there's also a way for you to get yourself going with your safety consulting business, uh I have a course set up for you for that. It's another way for me to help you. So go to That's easy for me to say, and take the course. It's step by step, we got many people that just loved it, they've taken it and they're doing well in their business right now. Ok. So, go get ‘em.  
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