Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Almost live from FetishCon
August 16, 2022
HiThereCatsuit has interviews with some of the many people who make up why FetishCon is so special
This show includes
@2:28 - Model Autumn Bodell who is on tour through the USA for the next year
@11:05 - Model and Bondage Lover Calissa Bliss who played Storm at the Superheroine Showdown
@18:39 - Molly aka MissusThickness on our encounter on the Clips4Sale stage with Christina Carter and Jean Bardot
@29:37 - Kali from Passional Boutique and Sexploratorium in Philadelphia
@43:40 - Gary and Diana from Dungeon in a Bag
@52:33 - Anna and Gregor from the SpankUNext Podcast
@1:00:54 - Entertainer Krystal Davis on how she became a part of a fantastic night for your humble host
@1:08:04 - Shibari Model Lumen whp shares her journey to authenticity