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From Seller to Pow Wow Events a Great Story - Amazon Seller Tips with Mac Schlesinger - Part 2
February 7, 2022
From Seller to Pow Wow Events a Great Story - Amazon Seller Tips with Mac Schlesinger - Part 2
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[00:00:01] spk_2: Welcome to the seller roundtable e commerce coaching and business strategies with Andy Arnott and Amy Wees [00:00:08] spk_0: Yeah. You think because my wife also asked me how do you constantly have this energy, like you don't start working, you always have ideas and create, you know, your mind runs honestly. I don't know, I mean think about that. I have this natural ability and actual towns, but I'm trying to keep myself like for example, I don't know you can see it from here, but there's like a whole shelf of books that I want to read because but the problem is I have this personal issue, I don't I don't know what it is. Maybe you can figure it out. It's like when I start reading, like I read that book and then my mind starts running into power or something like that and I can't read a book, so I don't know what it is. So, so basically, um one thing that I that I try to do which works very efficient and I think anyone can do it which is working with affirmations, that thing's called information is like keep on confirm, affirming things that you want to do. For example, um I want to do an event. I never I never dreamed, I never believed that I can run the big event. I was like, I, you know when I walk, take a walk, I'm leaving, I see the event happening in my, in my mind, in my eyes, like it's happening, it's big, Amy is there? I mean speaking like we have this huge trade show, we have this food, You know, once you envision it in your pyramid that you can do it and you are doing, it's not like maybe this, I'm doing it, I'm going to do it. You know, this is things come your way. It's like, it's like it's something that happened. So it's like a scott [00:01:32] spk_1: says, you know, I love that. I think it's so it's so awesome to visualize. Um they say that the best goal setters um and goal achievers in the world are those that can clearly visualize their goals and that write them down. So I like that. And I think that I think that's called A. D. H. D. When [00:01:52] spk_0: you try to [00:01:53] spk_1: read a book but your mind wanders and scott says amazon a great business for people with A. D. H. D. The ability to focus a little bit on many things at once. And I also have A. D. H. D. So I have a really hard time reading and focusing. I can't even watch a whole movie without my mind wandering. You know, I'm always thinking on something new, visualizing something new. And I think it's a it's a positive thing, right? It's a superpower. But at the same time, like you said you want to read these books, you want to grow maybe just a little bit at a time. I know I really like audio books. So I get through a lot more audio books than I do like reading books because I can I can go do something else while I'm listening. [00:02:41] spk_0: Uh But you still have to focus like you still have to memorize all these wars and stuff. Yeah, [00:02:48] spk_1: I have. Sometimes it depends what activity is, but sometimes I can listen really intently to a book and other times I'll notice that oh my mind is wondering and I'm not actually listening to this book at all right [00:03:02] spk_0: now. [00:03:05] spk_1: But I mean I still get a lot out of it. I like to when I'm driving in the car. So I was driving up to seller beat up in in austin texas, which is a 90 minute drive for me. And I listened to Purple Cow by Seth goading the whole ride there and I got a lot out of it. I didn't finish the whole book, but like I got the book of it done and it was really really good. I also really like summary books. Have you ever done this summary books? [00:03:30] spk_0: So so [00:03:32] spk_1: it's like it takes one of those big books that we can't get through because we have too many [00:03:37] spk_0: wondering [00:03:38] spk_1: and it will break it down into like, hey what this book is saying is X, y and z. You know, and you can um and there's audio versions of them and I like that. [00:03:48] spk_0: I think I remember I once downloaded an f it's called like 12 minutes something And it gives you like a 12 minutes over your of every book. Like to give you that. But I don't know because I feel like I'm missing like certain points, like also another, so [00:04:05] spk_1: any advice Mac that you have for for anyone in either the e commerce business or starting their own business. Um I would say first, I'd love to ask you just, what is your biggest challenge that you've had to overcome in your various business ventures? [00:04:26] spk_0: Yeah, so for me personally, it's a few things because the way I grew up, I didn't grow up with any business experience and we don't learn, I mean we don't learn like business anything about business in school, in our schools and whatever. So when I got older like this, I had to figure out everything from from from, you know, it's like I was just born, I'm going to start my life now. So it's like a it was a big challenge. Like especially in speaking english, we don't even speak english at home, so have to learn the language and and and deal with all these uh you know, especially when I went out on social media, like I'm linking everything that, you know, at the land this language in order to get into business, especially with with amazon all these listings and stuff. So it's um that was a big challenge. And yeah, and then my other challenge was, as I said earlier, like I used to be like very shy. I mean I'm still I still have this, it was like very shy, like a very introvert. So I was very hard for me to communicate, to socialize with people and be confident in myself to know what I'm good at and promote it and offer it and charge money for it. That was like uh you know in the beginning when I found out creating list and was like, I don't know, I'm just in your favor. This is the listing people who are ready to pay. I was like, wow, I mean people are paying me money but this is like uh it took some time to process is like yeah, yeah, I'm still constantly learning because you know, especially now with the events dealing with so many peoples in the corporate world. So it's like uh [00:06:01] spk_1: I love that I love all the challenges that you've overcome and just the attitude that you've had throughout. So that being said, do you have any advice if you had to give one piece of advice to someone starting a new business, what would it be? [00:06:14] spk_0: Yes. It's basically it's a general thing that if you have anything in your life that you feel like it's holding you back, you can't go into business because of any reason either because you you grow like me, like you don't have any business experience or you know english or or or or you don't know your parents are not business people, you don't know anything about business or any other excuse. I mean I don't see why I personally how question should have any excuse because any upscale you can overcome if you're really willing to do it. So it's just a matter of people that really wanted and and really do go all the way and they don't look at the negative, don't look at their up scales and they just jump in and go for it And you know, some people are happy, you know, just, I don't know, just doing whatever it is. I find it like 95 jobs and body and live their lives, but people that have like this, this, this um I don't know you say like this big, they want to grow, they want to become something, they want to be something in this world. You know, everyone has their own up scales, everyone has their own issues. But it's just a matter of don't think about it, just jump in and you know, things will come your way. [00:07:21] spk_1: That's a really powerful message and I know that's someone that's listening to this podcast needs to hear that because there are so many people that start without speaking any english, I get people that reach out to me all the time and say, you know, Amy, I want to talk to you about, my english isn't good and it's like, well it's probably better than my Russian or you know, my chinese or whatever languages that you speak. So it's okay. It's okay. Like I have a massive amount of respect for people that try to learn another language and just try to make it work. So I love that. And it's really great advice and we just appreciate you so much. You really overcome a lot. And I have this whole new understanding and respect for Mac now. It's really awesome. So that being said, where's the next power out? [00:08:10] spk_0: Oh, that's a secret. Uh, so right after we finished the Miami event, you were like, okay, let's take a break for a few days, lets lets air out. But the problem was that all three of us were like, you know, all these entrepreneurs, we have to keep going. So they actually were like on the group, we have like our own group. Okay, let's get to work the next event, you know right away. No, no days old. [00:08:34] spk_1: Amy we stand and sing for you again. We'll see a lot of fun. A lot of fun doing it. Um Thank [00:08:44] spk_0: you. But I got energy because but the emcees, you know, since we only had like six weeks to prepare everything. We were like, who's gonna be empty when we had someone on board. But then he had to cancel, we like we're gonna do okay. You know what? We'll take one of the, hopefully one of the speakers well, volunteer and do it and thank you for any of you for jumped again and you were actually really great at it. [00:09:05] spk_1: Thanks. I appreciate it. I had fun. All right. So last for that least. How can people reach you? And you know what? You can feel free to plug anything you want to plug here. [00:09:20] spk_0: So, uh, so the best way to reach me is first on whatsoever, as I said about the group, you know, in the status. So if your salary and you wanted to stay up to date with all the latest information about and selling on amazon, um, it's good to connect. You basically have to save me, save me your contact and I have to save you and they need to see my status. And then I have the amazon groups. So the best way is to send me a message on WhatsApp. I don't tell my number here or you're gonna put it in the description and [00:09:48] spk_1: yeah, we can put it in the show notes and I'm sure people can reach out to and linkedin if they need to get it earlier than that. Right? [00:09:54] spk_0: So it's either what's up or Lincoln Lincoln is Mac Schlesinger, you can see the name here just said about church. My name. If you're connected and just send me a private message anytime and otherwise. [00:10:05] spk_1: And your service based business is what's the website for that. [00:10:09] spk_0: So it's best seller. Listers dot com [00:10:12] spk_1: best seller. Listers dot com, awesome. Well matt, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It was really inspiring and really cool to hear all the different things that you've done. Thanks for all your advice and just for being real with us today and thanks for putting together a really great event with Powell. It's you know, we had a great time and we look forward to the next one. I guess we'll all have to stay in tune. I know that Powell is also on linkedin so you guys can find people on linkedin if you're wanting to get connected with the amazon Powell events you've got to come because like I said, the food, you just the food is so good. I can't get over it. But anyway, everybody thank you so much for being here. Thank you matt for being here and thanks everyone for listening. Thanks for your rate, your review. Don't forget to vote for us in seller poll, voting is closing now. So probably by the time you listen to this podcast will be closed. But if you're watching us live, vote for us for best podcast in seller polls, seller poll dot com. And don't forget to rate and review subscribe. We love your feedback. We love doing this for you every week. We love having you involved and the press stop on the record button and we'll see you guys next time [00:11:29] spk_0: I think to everyone. 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