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What is the Millionaire Myth?
October 31, 2021
What is the Millionaire Myth? This week Your Millionaire Money Mentor, Lloyd Ross, breaks down some myths about being a millionaire and what people really mean when they say “I want to be a Millionaire!” Make sure to check out Lloyd on Youtube to get even more amazing content!
In his early 20's Lloyd picked up a book called “The Snowball” a comprehensive biography about Warren Buffet, arguably the world’s greatest investor of all time and one of the wealthiest on the planet. 
He bought his first stock at age 25… at age 37, Lloyd is now just a breath away from achieving his first major financial goal of $1 million, without ever using debt.
He also bought a book called "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and that helped him, his wife and older sister start a side hustle, and now they teach people how to plant their own Money Tree.
Join, Lloyd on his journey to help everyday people reach their financial goals, by reading his book Money Grows on Trees at
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