Building empires on the fly
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
Building empires on the fly
October 1, 2021
In this episode, we talk about how to build your own empire and the benefits of doing so.
What does it mean to build an empire? When people think of empires, they usually think of huge empires, right? So you might think of the British Empire for example. The British Empire had its presence all over the world, or you might think of it in terms of lasting effect. So the Roman empire or the Ottoman empire, had lasting effects on our current culture, right? But whenever I think about empires, it doesn't necessarily have to be huge. If you can carve out a small empire for yourself, well then you are still an emperor. 

So if you look at the country of Brunei, for example. Brunei is smaller than Connecticut, right? It's in between the size of Connecticut and Delaware. Well, there is a sultan in place, who is pretty much the emperor of that entire land. It doesn't have to be the entire world, it could just be of this one place. Hopefully, you're a good emperor and you're nice to your people. But there are, you know, empires that are out there that don't necessarily have to stretch the entire globe. So when I think about empire, there's a lot of benefits from having an empire, because empires do help you stay afloat, right? 

When I think of an empire, I think about Ryan Leslie. So, Ryan Leslie is a music producer who was a child prodigy. He graduated from Harvard at 19 years old and he decided instead of going to hedge funds or consulting or all these other gigs. He would go into music and he started producing music and he had this opportunity where he actually got to work with Sean Diddy Combs and Sciarra to make this song called "Me & U". And it was a huge hit. Ryan Leslie was like in the Billboard charge. People actually knew who he was, it was a huge hit, but it was just a one-hit-wonder. Even though Ryan Leslie still kept producing things, he just didn't get that kind of traction that he did with "Me & you"?.

However, Ryan Leslie is still an emperor and he still has an empire. Ryan Leslie; has a following of around 5,000 people and he's making around $100 a year from these 5,000 people and that's half a million dollars a year doing what he loves to do and he serves his people with his content, with his music, with things that he wants to do. So he's actually making more than you would make at a consulting gig or at a hedge fund gig, doing what you love to do because Ryan Leslie has this empire and he nurtures this empire, he waters his empire and this empire feeds him.

So you don't need something huge to build an empire, you don't have to think about building the next Google or building the next Uber. You can actually carve out a small empire for yourself right now and then later on, if you do want to expand it into an Uber, Google, that option is available to you. But why live a life where you don't get to enjoy the fruits of having an empire? If you just don't start building this empire early. 

If you want to learn how to build an empire, if you haven't heard my talk, The Vertical Method, I suggest you check that out. If you go to, so t-h-e,, it will take you to a 65-minute audio course and it will walk you through the GPDS framework and this framework is THE framework that you need to know for you to be able to build an empire. And when you can build an empire, there's a lot of cool things you can do. You can have a company where if your product fails, your company will still survive. It's something that helps you build a moat around your business and it's something that's very achievable right now because we actually have the technology to do it. So instead of trying to build these companies that don't make any profit where we're looking at Peter Thiel's and all these other people that got pretty lucky because they were just a little early. But now it's much more competitive and investors are much more demanding. You can't really do the things you could do before. 

But what we can do is we don't have to do the old things, we can look at all the tools and stuff that's available to us right now, and we can change how we're doing things that we can actually take advantage of this technology that's allowing us to build empires on the fly. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam. I'm out. 

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