Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Mistress Erikka: The Reinvention
November 2, 2021
Former mainstream Hollywood film actress and model discusses the constant reinvention of her life and how she has come to her joys in adult entertainment work.
Now having been in adult entertainment for a number of years I am thriving and getting back after the long hiatus. Very versatile performer from hardcore, fetish and BDSM. Before I entered, adult, I was in the mainstream entertainment business as an actor, writer, producer and photographer. This after starting out as a model. But by the 2008 financial crisis many had to reinvent. Eventually working in a pro dungeon. Sanctuary LAX. And even at that as research for a screenplay. But little did I know that I would find a missing piece of my life's calling. I got into doing cam work for kink dot com. While at Sanctuary LAX I got to work with some of the finest Domme's on the planet, and perform scenes on the stage. I have parlayed that into where I am at now. What is meant to be will come out eventually. I think that is why I strive. By 2017, I was co hosting XXX Porn Star Radio with Jack Cannon. I was starting to shoot hard core at that time as well. I knew I would be good at it and had the sexuality to get me there.  Eventually landing some box covers. That was the sign that I knew I was where I needed to be. 
When I am away from the industry I enjoy my time at home in Los Angeles with my partner and my golden doodle Brodie. I love him so much. I work on my photography and investments. It makes me so well rounded.  Erikka XXX