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Calling All Venerable Women with DawnMorningstar
January 13, 2019
Meet Dawn Morningstar, award-winning author of Venerable Women: Transform Yourself, Transform the World as we discuss what it means to be a venerable woman and the steps you can take to stop acting small and start playing big. To learn more about Venerable Women and to engage with Dawn, go to SPECIAL OFFER: To attend the Women Leading with Heart webinar which is normally $97 for just $47, enter GreenTea in the coupon code.

[00:00:07.400] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Good morning and welcome to Green Tea Conversations, the radio show that delves into the pages of Natural Awakenings Magazine to bring you local experts who share progressive ideas and the latest information and insights needed so you can lead your best life. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle publisher of the Twin Cities edition of Natural Awakenings magazine, and I've had the honor to meet hundreds of qualified professionals in the areas of natural medicine, sustainable living, and healthy relationships. And I wanted to find a way to help them expand their reach and share their expertise.
Green Tea Conversations is our vehicle to do just that. Our guest this morning is award-winning author Dawn Morningstar, who has written the book Venerable Women, Transform Ourselves, Transform the World. This beloved book sparked a movement and now is a cornerstone to the work Dawn is doing as a master life coach, speaker, and trainer. Welcome to the show, Dawn.
[00:01:05.340] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Thank you. It's a joy to be here, Candi.
[00:01:07.870] - Candi Broeffle, Host
We so happy in the in our studio with us today. So the book is called Venerable Women, which might be confused with Venerable Women.
[00:01:16.910] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:01:18.650] - Candi Broeffle, Host
What does it mean to be venerable?
[00:01:20.450] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Well, the definition of venerable is worthy of honor, love, and respect by virtue of wisdom and experience.
[00:01:28.780] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So when you're looking at what I mean, what kind of drew you to Venerable as the title for the book?
[00:01:37.780] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Yeah. I had been working with women for about 26 years as a master life coach and having women's gatherings and all of that. And in 2012, I started thinking about if I wanted to serve women at a greater level, what could I call that group of women? So I was asking for a word to describe who we are. And so I thought of wise women and things like that. And then one day, the word venerable landed squarely in front of me, and I had to go look it up.
I wasn't sure exactly what it meant. And so when I saw the definition, I thought, My goodness, that does describe who all people are venerable at their core. All people are worthy of honor, love, and respect at their core. It's just that sometimes we either forget it or we have it knocked out of us or whatever it may be. So the idea was to awaken that within women so that women could serve to help others wake up to that as well.
[00:02:35.710] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Okay. That is really cool. I know in the book you talked about when you were looking at doing this, you were trying to find some images that would help you to describe or help you show what venerable was. What was that experience like?
[00:02:49.120] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Well, it's funny because I thought, well, maybe I don't need to pay to have a logo created or a symbol. Maybe I can find an image and get permission to use that. So I
[00:03:00.240] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Put in very easy.
[00:03:01.420] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Yes. Yes. Exactly. So I did a Google search and put something like images venerable, something like that. This was back in 2012 2013, and up popped a page with pictures of mostly men. It was like older white men and sprinkled in every now and then would be a woman. But they were women that I had never heard of before. And so when I looked at all those images, I thought, Where are all of the Venerable women? Why are women not seen as worthy of honor, love, and respect by virtue of their wisdom and experience?
[00:03:40.180] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And why do you think that is?

[00:03:42.160] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Oh, my gosh. The reasons are historical, really. If you think about it, patriarchy has ruled for about 10,000 years, which means that it has been really favoring masculine traits. And there's nothing wrong with masculine traits. They just need to be balanced with feminine traits as well. And I think that's what we're seeing in our world today is that we're trying to get into balance with all of that.
[00:04:08.380] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Which is really interesting when you take a look at the word vulnerable as well. So vulnerable and venerable so many times, vulnerable is seen as something that is soft or is somehow less than but actually having vulnerability or showing your vulnerability is also a show of strength, the feminine side of that that would you say?
[00:04:33.310] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Absolutely. Brene Brown has done a wonderful job of talking about the power that vulnerability really has in our lives, and it's a gentle power of transformation is what it is. We can't transform unless we allow ourselves to be in that vulnerable state, I think. But I grew up on the east shore of the East Coast, the Chesapeake Bay Area, and so I was very familiar with with blue crabs. And there is the only way that a blue crab can get a larger shell is to go into what's called a soft shell state.

[00:05:13.380] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
And in that soft-shell state, it gets rid of its hard shell. It's very vulnerable to other sea life. It's vulnerable to disease and all of that. And then when it goes through that time, which is a time of being quiet and it comes kind of buries itself a little bit. That crab does. And then at the end of that process, it's 25% bigger than it was. And that's the only way I think back to that way of thinking of transformation and how that vulnerability is an important step in going from one stage of our lives or one way of being to another

[00:05:56.340] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Yes, beautiful analogy to be able to use to really perfectly describe that.
[00:06:00.391] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:06:00.400] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So when you talked about having kind of a hard shell, and oftentimes we as women, we do develop this kind of hard shell to protect ourselves. There's some messages that you talk about in the book that we get either overtly or silently messages that we learn as as young girls and as young women throughout our lives. Actually, what are some of those messages that we
[00:06:28.450] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Oh gosh, there's so many. One of the messages that girls get growing up is to not rock the boat, to not cause any trouble, to be quiet, to be seen and not heard. Agree to serve. That's not ask for anything in return to just give and give and give. And if there's anything left, it can be for you.
[00:06:59.180] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And it's so interesting. When I was reading the book, I was thinking about my own experience growing up and my grandmother and my mother, who I don't think I ever saw them actually sit down and eat a meal at the table with our family because they were always serving everybody else. And so after everybody else had left and finished eating, they would sit down and eat whatever was left. And here they're the ones that had cooked the meal. We had prepared it and did it, put all the love into it.
And no one was actually there oftentimes to even enjoy it with. And I think as women, we tend to do that. That's kind of seen as our role is, how do we serve others first? Another one that you talk about is not expecting too much

[00:07:47.533] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest

[00:07:48.370] - Candi Broeffle, Host
in your own work as a coach. How have you seen that one kind of come up with some of your clients?
[00:07:54.830] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Well, it can show up in the area of their career, their profession, where they may know or not know that their male counterpart is doing the exact same job as them. And the woman is not being paid so that can be. And sometimes she is fearful to ask for more. She will just stay quiet about it. Another example of this is and they're been some studies done about this, and I feel like it's changing a little, but say that there is a job opportunity opening up, and there is a man and a woman both looking at that opportunity.
The man will say, oh, I'm just going to throw my hat in the ring. The woman will say to herself, I must know everything about that. I must be excellent at that. And even at the end of all of that, she still might not give herself permission to apply for that same position.
[00:08:53.690] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And I know, I know I've met people who've gone through that as well. And another thing that they tend to kind of tell themselves is what happens if I do this, what happens who isn't going to get the opportunity if I take it? What am I taking away from somebody else?
[00:09:10.550] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Yes, that is part of it. And another part of it is what will people think of me if I do succeed? Will people still like me? And will I be able to keep my friends? And that sometimes makes people feel like they have to play small in some way, women will play small like, oh, gosh, I don't want to be too bright of a light because people might become uncomfortable as a result of that.
[00:09:40.370] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Yes. So one last thing is your value comes from how you look.
[00:09:47.410] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Oh, my gosh.
[00:09:48.900] - Candi Broeffle, Host
[00:09:49.990] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
That's huge. And especially in our culture in the United States. And see it around the world as well, but especially in the United States. It's about youthfulness. It's about looking a certain way, having a particular body image or size. And I am happy to say that I do see some changes happening there, but not enough and not fast enough. And I think that we really are being called to take a look at that because it sounds so cliche to say that it's our value on the inside. And yet that really is is true.
[00:10:25.730] - Candi Broeffle, Host
It is true. It is funny, though, what you hear people say even to small children.
[00:10:30.970] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Yeah, oh you're so pretty.
[00:10:33.250] - Candi Broeffle, Host
He's so cute. He's so smart to look at how ambitious he is competitive. He is.
[00:10:41.610] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Yes. It's the way that we interact with, starting with babies. Really?
[00:10:47.620] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Yes. Because those are the messages that we're getting all the time.
Good.  Dawn, you have the book Venerable Women, where can people go to find the book?
[00:10:58.970] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Well, they can go to my website,,  it's also on Amazon, and I've recorded it on Audible.Com as well.
[00:11:07.360] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Yes. And so I have listened to it a couple of times on Audible. Com. I want to say so. We're talking with Dawn Morningstar, the author of Venerable Women. When we come back, we're going to talk about how to overcome some of the messages that we've been talking about and the ones that we've held on to for many years, and how we can start to play big. For more information or to read Natural Awakenings online, visit You can find a podcast of this show on AM950Radio.Com, on iTunes and anywhere you get your podcasts, you're listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM950. The Progressive Voice of Minnesota will be right back.
Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations, but we delve into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine and talk to the experts to share their expertise on natural health with you. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle, and today we're talking to Dawn Morningstar, the author of Venerable Women Transform Ourselves, Transform the World. Thanks again for being with us today, Dawn.
[00:12:24.390] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
It's my pleasure.
[00:12:25.920] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So before the break, we were starting to talk about the silent in some time times over messages, girls, and women here that can cause us to act small or to not be our authentic selves. And you shared some examples of how that shows up in our lives as well. What are some things that we can actually do to help ourselves, to be able to feel more comfortable showing up in a more authentic state and to actually play big as compared to acting small
[00:13:00.660] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Well, Candi, I think it really has to do with whose voice is the woman going to listen to? Is she going to continue to listen to the voice from the past, that old messaging and the voice, even the voices that she's hearing today? Or is she going to develop her own inner voice? And that's what venerable women really focuses on is using inner awareness to constantly for the woman to constantly be asking herself, how am I? What do I need? And then sometimes just acknowledging the need or how the woman is doing is enough.

Other times she may need to do something about it. The reason this becomes important is otherwise we're looking for things and people on the outside to make us okay. And you can't play big in the world if you don't feel full and whole on the inside. And so that using that inner awareness to constantly be checking in and asking, how am I and what do I need and then acknowledging it or taking care of it is a really important step.
[00:14:07.720] - Candi Broeffle, Host
You know, it's interesting that you say that because this is something that I try to practice a lot, especially since you and I have been working together and getting to know each other. And you've shared this with me as well. But it's really true. I mean, there are times where you have a conversation with someone and it doesn't go as well as you had hoped, or you have a disagreement and I start to you start to have these feelings inside, and I start to really pay attention now about what is it that I'm feeling right now and what do I need?
[00:14:41.980] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Yeah. The power in that is that we actually become the observer of our own thoughts rather than letting the thoughts control us. That's where things can go arrive for us. So, for example, say that you're having a conversation with someone, like in your example, it's not going as well as you would want. You can either during that conversation, ask yourself just quickly, how am I right now? What am I feeling? What am I needing? And that can be of help or even after the fact. But just to ask in that conversation what was missing for me, what did I need? And then as the observer of your own thoughts, you are in the driver's seat. It's almost as though your higher self becomes that which is in the driver's seat.
[00:15:33.470] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So really, we hear often times instead of reacting, responding. So this really helps you to get into that state of being able to respond.
[00:15:42.310] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Absolutely. Plus, you're honoring yourself. And I know we'll be talking about love in a little bit, and that's one of the pieces of loving ourselves is to honor ourselves and respect ourselves. We cannot expect that to come from others if we don't really truly do that for ourselves. And again, I know it sounds so cliche. Yet when it becomes a practice and we understand why it works and how it works and it becomes a part of the fabric of our being that's when the real magic happens.
[00:16:13.020] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Well, let's get into it. Let's just start talking about love. So as we're coming up on February and the month of love
[00:16:21.901] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:16:21.910] - Candi Broeffle, Host
In Valentine's Day, there's a lot of expectations that we can go into the holiday with, and especially if you're in a relationship, a new relationship or an existing relationship, there's a lot of expectations around this special day for us. And so oftentimes we feel like this is a tough time where our partner is really going to help us is really going to demonstrate for us how much they love us. So I know in venerable women, love means something very different. How do you define love?
[00:16:57.510] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Well, I think love is impossible to define, but it is possible to understand the power that it has in our lives. I believe that much of what we've learned about love is incorrect. What we've learned about love makes love more conditional. So, for example, I will love you if you do this, or I will love you if you give me this, and that's not really love at all. What love is that love is, now, that sounds like a very heavy way to say it. But the way that we think of it is that love is the highest vibration of energy that there is. And so when we realize that that vibration of love it's ever-present, it is omnipresent. It is everywhere and that people don't need to earn or deserve love. They simply need to get into the flow of love.
[00:18:00.480] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Okay. So when we're talking about this, we often talk to people about self-care and self-love. How does somebody start to tap into the love for themselves so that it isn't conditional on something that somebody else does for them?
[00:18:19.760] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Well, one of the biggest things that is really helpful is to stop judging ourselves. That is one of the things that makes us diminish ourselves. And we can't see the love that we are and the love that we can experience if we're constantly judging ourselves. And that doesn't mean that we don't pay attention to areas where we want to improve and all of that. But that judgment that feels very condemning and a lot of women really deal with that. I know men do, too. But I work primarily with women. So that's been my experience. That negative self-talk. So I think in regard to love, loving others must start with loving ourselves. That is the way to love others is to truly genuinely love ourselves by not judging ourselves, accepting ourselves, even laughing at ourselves when we we do the same old, silly thing again, when it goes back to that inner awareness again, that idea that I had that negative thought again not to condemn ourselves for it, but to be aware of it, and that frees us.
[00:19:24.140] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Well, and that can be really difficult. We hear, think positively and don't get stuck on negative emotions. And then when you have a negative emotion, you think, oh, my gosh, I have this negative emotion. I need to stop doing this. And really, it is about trying to get into that flow. One of the things that we're looking at this year with Green Tea Conversations is really how do we reduce fear? And fear is really the opposite of love, correct?
[00:19:49.640] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Yes, it is.
[00:19:50.350] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And so when you talk about judging yourselves, we judge ourselves out of fear.
[00:19:55.860] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest

[00:19:57.640] - Candi Broeffle, Host
One of the things that we want to do is just help people give them more information and help them learn more in order to overcome that fear. So when we come back, we're going to continue to talk about have this conversation about love and how we can start to develop it even more in our lives. So today we're talking with Dawn Morningstar, the author of Venerable Women Transform Ourselves, Transform the World. And when we come back, we're going to find out how we can actually do that. How can we transform the world? 

To read Natural Awakenings online, visit NaturalTwinCities.Com. You can find a podcast of this show on AM950radio.Com on iTunes and anywhere you get your podcasts, you're listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM950  The Progressive Voice of Minnesota will be back in just a bit. 

Welcome back, Green Tea Conversations, where we delve into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine and talk to the experts who share their expertise on natural health with you. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle. And today we're talking with Dawn Morningstar, the author of Venerable Women Transform Ourselves, Transform the World. When we left off Dawn, you were sharing ways that we can more fully develop love in ourselves, part of our transform ourselves. And in doing so that we can then transform the world. So once we transform ourselves, how does that? Well, actually, before we get into that, let's talk a little bit about some of the aspects of venerable women that can help us to make that transformation. So you have something called the V attitudes. What are the V Attitudes?
[00:21:57.520] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Well, there are twelve of them, and they started off as the Venerable Attitudes. And then when I started sharing them with women, women just shortened it and started calling them the V Attitudes, which made me laugh because there is something called the V attitudes in the Bible. But anyway, these attitudes are really helpful guides. They're like gemstones. I see them like gemstones. They are made up of very ancient principles, but the way that they are brought together makes sense to people. And I think it's nice because one builds on the other. So there are what I call three facets of wholeness in the attitudes. The first four of the attitudes have to do with a woman's relationship with herself, and the second four have to do with her relationship with a higher power. And the third four have to do with her relationship with others, and they're in that order for a very particular reason.
[00:22:59.280] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And what is that reason?
[00:23:01.440] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Well, if a woman does not get right with herself practicing those first four of the attitudes, then her relationship with her higher power is one of begging and pleading for things to change in her life when her relationship with a higher power could be one of co-creation and one of celebration. And then, of course, if you've gotten right with yourself and you've gotten right with your higher power or the divine is, we call it sometimes the then, of course, your relationships will be healthy and high vibrational as well.
[00:23:36.820] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So that's very intriguing. So tell us, what are the first four the attitudes to help us get in good relationship with ourselves?

[00:23:47.550] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Certainly. Well, the first V-Attitude is that a venerable woman empowers herself. And listeners might remember from earlier in the show where we talked about that idea of using your inner awareness to contact, constantly, be thinking and to empower yourself and not look to other people to empower you. The second V-Attitude is to embody the highest and best self, and you have to know what your attributes are that make that are your higher self. And then when you present those in the world and you align with those in the world, that's your best self. And the third V-Attitude is to really affirm the depth of your worth that's a really big deal is to understand the worth that you have. And we come at that from a little different perspective in venerable women. And we go deeper into that in our Living Love program. But we're going to talk more about of a bit as well, because there's a lot to it. I hear people say, Well, I'm just going to say affirmations that I'm worthy, I'm worthy, I'm worthy, or even do a posture to say that I'm worthy, and those things are wonderful, but it doesn't go far enough.
[00:25:03.700] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So let's talk about that a little bit because I think it's really I love the way that you have it worded in the book, which is a venerable, venerable woman affirms her depth of her worth by assessing her finest self
[00:25:17.158] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:25:17.860] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Making inspired choices and doing what is hers to do?
[00:25:22.960] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:25:23.480] - Candi Broeffle, Host
That's huge.
[00:25:24.020] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Yes, they are all important. And as I said, you have to know what your highest self is in order to access it. So that's number one, and we have an upper room exercise that we do with that. That's extraordinary. And then making inspired choices from that higher place. That way it makes decision-making in your life really easy because you ask yourself the question, does this line up with my higher self? If it does, you do it. If it doesn't, you don't. It's pretty simple. And then that last part about doing what is ours to do that is one that is really important because the brain wants proof that what we're telling it is true. So if we want our brain to understand and believe that we are worthy, we have to take the steps to convince our own being and our brain that we are worthy, and that means doing what is ours to do. I'm sure all of us have something that we've either put off we don't want to do, and we just know that if we do it or when we do it, things will change for us.  So there's the part of not doing what we know we need to do. Then there's the part where we do things that are not ours to do.
[00:26:41.150] - Candi Broeffle, Host
It's just going to say it's almost like there's a two-sided wrong to them.
[00:26:45.210] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:26:45.810] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Oftentimes we get stuck in doing things that really are not ours.
[00:26:50.597] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest

[00:26:51.020] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And why do we tend to get stuck into that?
[00:26:55.080] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Oh, my gosh. We can do that for a number of reasons. We can do that because we are trying to gain approval from people. We can do that because we're trying to get worth by serving other people when in fact, it might be better for those people to be doing things for themselves. Sometimes our "helping" I'm using air quotes can actually be enabling others and avoiding what we could be doing to really have a sense of worth ourselves. And so that's something that when we wake up to the fact that by taking care of ourselves first, yes, I said it by taking care of ourselves first, that is how we actually begin to believe in our own worth. And when we feel worthy, then the outpouring and the overflow that we can give to others is much healthier.
[00:27:48.830] - Candi Broeffle, Host
I think this one is really one that just kind of strikes me and for many reasons, because I often see this with friends and family members as well. You get into this wanting to help people or to take on some of their things because you don't feel like they can do it. And in doing so, then you're not only diminishing your own worth because you're doing things that you're not supposed to be doing or you're not meant to be doing, but you're also taking away their worth as well.
[00:28:21.200] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
You are 100% correct. That is a brilliant observation because it's true. We actually diminish people. And if we say we want to transform the world, let's start with the people in our own lives and empower them to use their own wisdom to do the things that they need to be doing. And that is a very respectful and loving way to be toward others.

[00:28:44.890] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And one of the things that I know you and I have both used with clients is when you let go of something, you make room for something else.
[00:28:54.950] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:28:55.550] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So when you say no to something, you get to say yes to something. And so by letting go of those things, we're actually making the room to do those things that we were meant to do?

[00:29:06.580] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest

Absolutely. And I've been thinking about it a lot over the past couple of years, and it has a lot to do with vibration. What is the vibration of the thing that I'm doing? Because I talked before about love being the highest vibration. And so when we are doing things that are not ours to do that's generally at a lower resonating energy because we're doing it because we think we have to or somebody's got to do it, or I've been doing it all this time. And what will people think if I don't?
[00:29:34.940] - Candi Broeffle, Host
If I don't do it, who will?
[00:29:36.290] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Who will? Well, guess what we might be keeping someone from doing it, who would really be blessed by doing that thing? So we have to look at it in that way as well. And so if we can match the vibration of the things that we are choosing to take on with that vibration of who we want to be in the world, that is an extraordinary way to be in the world.
[00:30:00.690] - Candi Broeffle, Host
It is a gift. It's a gift
[00:30:02.451] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
It is
[00:30:02.460] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Not only to yourself but to the world.
[00:30:3.521] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:30:04.530] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So number two, your highest and best self. I love this one, too. In the book, you say a venerable woman embodies her highest and best self by safeguarding her values, accepting what is, and being authentic. And we did talk a bit about accepting what is and being authentic, showing up authentically what are some ways that we can safeguard our value?
[00:30:29.320] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Well, we have to know what our values are first, and that's what I had mentioned in the attitude, number two, where we take the time to go into the upper room and access and actually take a look at what those values are and then to safeguard them and protect them. That's where boundaries come comes in. So we have a different take on boundaries. A lot of people see boundaries as a way to keep things out, and that's certainly one way to use them. I think of the venerable women tend to think of them as what is it that we want to protect and keep in what is in our arch field, so to speak or in our way of being what makes us us like what makes you you those are your higher attributes, and you must protect them and safeguards them in order to bring them out into the world.

[00:31:19.970] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So not getting into any details. But you are actually just the expert at this. And I think that what you can share with us can really help other people to to show that you demonstrate you live these V-Attitudes and you demonstrate them for all of us as well in your everyday life. And one of the areas that we have talked about is the area of money when it comes to money. And this kind of goes back to worth as well. But understanding our values and how we can show up in safeguard our value that we have that we bring into the world.
[00:32:00.311] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:32:00.320] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And so give us an example of how you might demonstrate that in order to help other people understand how they can do it.
[00:32:10.190] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Well, first off, I really want to say that some of the things that we do in this area will cause us to have sweaty palms. I call it sweaty palm, truth-telling. I really do, because we're not used to it. And I think that men are much more comfortable in my experience with asking for money and just expecting that they will be given money for what they do. And I think it's because women much of what we do is in the areas of helping and healing and teaching that those things have not been as respected in our society, which means they have not been paid for. And so in regard to money, it is really imperative that women really ask for money to be paid for what they are doing in the world. That is the biggest thing that I am teaching women now, in my personal coaching practice and in the groups that I do and in the living love is to understand that money is simply a form of energy, and we put so much energy into everything that we do. We deserve to have energy come back our way. And yes, that means in the form of money sometimes because not only do we need money for basics, we want money for fun things, too, like pizza and new shoes.
[00:33:30.630] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And when we come back, we're going to continue this conversation because I also want to get into the other side of that, too, which is having the flow go the other way, too, and being comfortable looking at that. And so we'll talk about that more. When we come back, we are talking with Dawn Morningstar, the author of Venerable Women Transform Ourselves, Transform the World, and you can find her book on her website, VenerableWomen.Com, and on Amazon to read an online version of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities go to And you can find a podcast of this show on AM950Radio.Com, on iTunes or anywhere you get your podcast, you're listening to AM950. We'll be right back. 

Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations, where we delve into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine to talk to the experts to share their expertise on natural health with you. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle, and today we're visiting with Dawn Morningstar, the author of Venerable Women Transform Ourselves, Transform the World. Before we left on, we were talking about about the flow of money and as part of our worth, understanding our worth and understanding our boundaries. Now, the flow of money we were talking about is how to make sure that we are accepting it and that we are holding our boundaries in making sure that we're getting paid, what we should get paid. There's also another part of that flow of money that's coming back and forth. And we're going to talk now about your V-Attitude number eight,
[00:35:21.721] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:35:21.730] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Which is?
[00:35:23.760] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
It's all about joyful abundance. And the way that we can really experience joyful abundance in our lives is by being grateful, by being generous and by believing in our own inherent prosperity. And so I added the word joyful to that ve attitude because I've seen a lot of people who are very abundant, but they don't seem very joyful to me when it comes to their money. They seem like they're terrified they're going to lose it or they're greedy. They want to hold on to it and all of that. But as we know in prosperity teachings, there's a flow that needs to occur. That's where that generosity occurs. And so the definition of being prosperous really is to have everything that you need with plenty left over to share. And to me, that feels like a perfect definition. And again, need can be those new shoes. It can be all of those things. But the idea is to keep that flow going so that there's a giving and receiving that just flows and flows and flows. And that's where joyful and abundance really becomes a concrete thing in our lives. And then the idea of gratitude, gratitude is the great multiplier when we are grateful, that vibration is akin with the vibration of love and the vibration of joy. So walking around being grateful for everything. And I mean everything, even the "bad stuff", because it's all part of our evolution really helps us to attract joyful abundance and then belief and claiming our inherent prosperity. We live in an abundant universe. There's plenty of everything. And so all we need to do is really align ourselves, become one with the desire and that's when we can attract it and experience it.
[00:37:17.290] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And I think you live this every day.
[00:37:19.840] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:37:20.280] - Candi Broeffle, Host
You understand this every day. And I think that it sounds very simplistic. And it is it's very simple. It's not necessarily easy, and it's tough. It can be kind of a difficult thing to overcome those messages
[00:37:34.981] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:37:34.990] - Candi Broeffle, Host
That we may have grown up with, where money doesn't grow and breathe,
[00:37:40.651] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest

[00:37:40.660] - Candi Broeffle, Host
and we can't afford this. And so when you start to get into that flow, so that's what people can do when they work with you, correct?
[00:37:49.500] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Absolutely. What we do is we take a look at what the person wants to be experiencing rather than going back to the past. We don't need to go there. I believe that in this new time that we're in. And I think of this new astrological time that we're in, that we are able to manifest and create very quickly. We just have to pay attention to what it is that we want and believe that we can have it. And then remember that we are one with our desires.
[00:38:18.130] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And people can work with you in numerous ways.
[00:38:21.511] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:38:21.520] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So, like I said in the beginning, the book was actually kind of a launching pad for you
[00:38:26.490] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:38:27.300] - Candi Broeffle, Host
In order to really develop many other things that you do. So you do 101 coaching.
[00:38:32.950] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
I do. I take very few clients who are at a very high level. And by that, I mean, they are really ready to jump into the world. And primarily what I'm working on is women who are writing books or who are doing public speaking. So they're the ones who will influence many others. And so I love working with them. And I also have developed based on the book, a women's personal empowerment program called Living Love and Love is the acronym for A Life of Venerable Expression.
[00:39:05.672] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Oh, I like that.
[00:39:05.960] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
It's fabulous. And not only do women get the content, but they also develop a sisterhood of other women who are on the same path. And that's extraordinary.

[00:39:17.050] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So how long is that program?
[00:39:19.500] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Well, it varies. We do a twelve-week version of that. Some women, one woman is doing a year-long version of that. I have trained Luminary leaders to teach the Living Love program so that these circles and the program is facilitated at a very, very high level because we don't want this to be well, I'll tell you what we want it to be because it is is a very high-level gathering where we stay focused on really evolving and becoming the women that we came here to be.
[00:39:53.530] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Okay. Great. Now you said Luminary leaders, and I know from talking to you that Living Love was kind of your first shopping point, and then people got so enthused by that and so energized by that that they wanted to do the next step,
[00:40:09.411] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:40:09.420] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So they wanted to be able to teach it.
[00:40:11.331] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:40:11.340] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And so you develop Luminary leaders,
[00:40:13.641] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:40:13.650] - Candi Broeffle, Host
which is like the next step in the past.
[00:40:15.863] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Yes. And Luminary leaders can use the Living Love program for their existing clients. Or sometimes it helps them attract new people. And also the venerable Women Empowerment Foundation, which maybe we'll do a show on that. You'll invite me back and we can talk about that. That's where we bring the Living Love program to women in prison so that when they get out of prison, they can really access the world and show up in the world in a much better place than the way they entered.
[00:40:46.840] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Good, and we'll definitely have you back to talk about that.
[00:40:50.130] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
[00:40:50.310] - Candi Broeffle, Host
 So, Today you are actually going to be offering our listeners a special!
[00:40:56.070] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Yes, I love this. This is Women Leading with Heart. It's a webinar that is very transformational and gives concrete steps to learn how things, attributes that were seen as weak or women's stuff or whatever, how they are our greatest strengths. And at the end of this webinar, women will really understand the gifts that they bring to the world and will feel worthy to bring them forward. And so women leading with Heart is normally $97 for anyone who wants to participate in this. If they go to Venerablewomen.Com and click on Women Leading with Heart and use the Code Green Tea. That's green and tea. Then they can have this $97 program for $47.
[00:41:46.130] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Wow, that's that's very generous of you.
[00:41:49.070] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
I want it out there.

[00:41:50.720] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Yeah. And how long does the program last? Is it a 60-minute?
[00:41:57.050] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
It's a 90 minutes webinar and it has a 21-day follow-up, which is really helpful to keep you on to keep people on the path.
[00:42:05.990] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So what's involved in the follow-up?
[00:42:08.000] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
The follow-up each day, they get a very short but inspirational email that takes them right back so that they can really lock in the learning of what they learned in that women leading with Heart webinar.
[00:42:22.640] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Great! And they can get this again at?
[00:42:25.360] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
VenerableWomen.Com and just click on Women leading with Heart and use the Code Green tea.
[00:42:31.280] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Thank you so much for being with us today, Dawn. It has been a pleasure. Always a pleasure to be able to speak with you anyway, but to be able to share what it is that you're doing. I'm so appreciative of your work
[00:42:43.560] - Dawn Morningstar, Guest
Thank you, Candi.
[00:42:44.430] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Thank you. So thank you for joining our conversation today. As we awaken to Natural Health to read the online edition of Natural Awakenings or to check out our complete online calendar of events, visit Naturaltwincities.Com. You can find a podcast of this show AM950radio.Com on iTunes or anywhere you get your podcasts wishing you a lovely day!