Leadership in Manufacturing
E15 Coach or mentor? You need both.
July 6, 2021
Encouraging coaching and mentorship are key components when managing modern employees. The right skills play a critical role in driving future success and it is all about asking the right questions, empower employees, provide feedback, know each individual's strengths and be a great listener. Coach to inspire — and to learn. In this episode, we have guest Andy Skipper, founder and chief of CTO coach. Andy Skipper talks about how he started coaching people outside of the companies that he was working with and that drew him into coaching as a professional. As a mentor he brings his own experience and the benefit of his own 'CTO scars' and then he coaches to unlock leadership potential through goal setting, asking the right questions, improving communication, and boost self-awareness. "As a mentor, you bring your own experience and you give them the benefit of your scars" Andy Skipper. #mindtheinnovation #sannahvinding #podcast #innovation #unlockinnovation #keeplearning  #mentor #coach #community