The Pursuit Desk
3: Building a Customer Proposal System with Chris Spann
June 16, 2020
Chris Spann is a Senior Marketing Manager, brand expert, and content contributor at Perks. Perks is a leading incentive and loyalty marketing company that provides services and software to help our clients engage with their indirect channel and ensure channel partner and customer effectiveness. With a listing on the salesforce appexchange and a global user base exceeding 5 million users, Perks│Channel takes the guesswork out of channel incentives and loyalty programs. Connect with Chris and Perks.
Timestamps and topics covered:

1:00 Chris’ career background

3:13 Getting into marketing at Perks

4:45 How PerksWW divides up the marketing department, and the tools Chris uses to enable digital marketing

6:30 How PerksWW and Chris has evolved sales enablement

8:38 Marketing and creating content related to the buyer’s journey

10:00 How PerksWW handles demand generation

10:35 What is the typical workflow for the creation of a proposal

12:05 Lessons learned from PerksWW proposal process

13:30 Adding a personal touch to proposals

15:38 Creating a questions library to build better RFPs

19:40 Enabling the sales team to become better sellers with ikaun

21:30 Building and using proposal templates