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You’re closer to Scammers than you think: Ep 43
October 10, 2016
Scammers are everywhere. Here's Curtis Bailey in our today's episode to  discuss how we can deal with them. My interview with him was jam-packed with information, but here are a few things we discussed: Preventing SCAMMERS from Scamming your loved ones * Seniors need to have a team of professionals. * Don’t let someone cut you out of your social circles because this is a common practice of scammers. * Be sure and talk to your family members because they can help you determine if something is a scam. * Scammers use emotions to scam people who are lonely. They also prey on fear, so let your rational side tell you what is happening. * Is someone overly nice and charming? Scammers can spend HOURS talking to seniors. * Don't keep secrets because scammers often ask their victims to keep secrets. * They may ask you to receive money from people you don’t know because then they'll have your banking information. * We can protect our assets with a living trust, but the living trust can also be revocable. * You can create a Power of Attorney with scams in mind. * Every year you can get a free credit report with each of the three credit rating agencies at so you can see if your credit is being used by someone else. * Allow family members to receive notifications if anything strange starts happening with your finances so that they can help you spot a scammer. Mr. Bailey practices estate planning and elder law at Huffman Law Offices, PC, and he is a member of Missouri Bar Association and the Illinois Bar Association.  Curtis is also a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, and not only that, but he is also a member of the Advisory Council of the Area Agency on Aging of Southwestern Illinois.  He is very active in his community and is a member of his Chamber of Commerce and Rotary International. Curtis is the co-founder of Senior Scam Action Associates.  They help people recognize, prevent, and recover from scams. Email: For today’s freebie, the 10 dead giveaways of a scam, go to This post on Retirement Lifestyle first appeared on