MedStreet Journal
Episode 56: Maximizing Billing Profit By Being a Digital Nomad
December 7, 2021
In today’s episode, our guest is Ms. Kym Tolson. Kim Tolson is an LCSW with online private practice and is living as a digital nomad. She is a coach for therapists and virtual assistants who want to learn insurance billing, work remotely, and travel the world. Kim has trained over 950 therapists and virtual assistants to incorporate bill insurance into telehealth and live their best lives.
We’ll be discussing: 

Telehealth in the mental health field
The evolution of therapy under the COVID-19 pandemic 
Insurance billing and living and working as a digital nomad
Modeling technological advances in the healthcare space 
Addressing insurance problems by strategic content awareness dissemination 


[00:01:00] Background of Kym Tolson 
[00:03:00] Maneuvering therapy professions throughout the pandemic 
[00:06:00] Spreading content to many communities by adopting the “one-to-many” model
[00:09:00] Teaching the lesson of being a digital nomad  
[00:11:00] Transforming insurance billing to maximize healthcare service profit 
[00:14:00] Creating  a support group to find a billing solution appropriate for everybody 
[00:15:00] Advice to therapists transitioning to the virtual profession
[00:16:00] Rapid fire round